No-sew $6 bathroom sink curtain

Yep, $6. You read that right! My post last Thursday detailed my plans to DIY a curtain in our master bathroom to hide the ugly under-sink pipes. I posted some pretty, inspirational pictures as motivation. Friday I kidnapped my mom and we jetted off to Joanne Fabrics on a mission!

Here is our main inspirational picture:

Although the sink in this pic isn’t exactly the same as my wall-mounted sink- and I am DROOLING over that rustic wood and sleek glass bowl combo!- the curtain is pretty cute & simple looking. The picture is from this article in my mom’s copy of Cottage Living Magazine:

(click the image to view the page full-screen)

Of course, our mission was sidetracked when we realized that all the gorgeous ceramic planters at Joanne’s were 70%-off. 70%-off! And would you believe, planters were on my list. (We hit up the gardening section at Lowes afterwards…I’ll introduce my new plants in a later post!) In fact, there were so many sales going on that it didn’t take us long to realize we should probably check everything off the list before throwing anything else into the cart (a mini garden gnone clutching a ginormous ceramic mushroom for $0.90? Hell yes!).

Besides basic tools, the article calls for cheap muslin and a tension rod. In a nutshell, you just hang the material over the tension rod in lovely drapey folds, no sewing necessary! Armed with a coupon, it didn’t take us long to find exactly what I needed.

No-Sew Bathroom Sink Curtain Breakdown:

  • $3 – 2 yards of cheap unbleached muslin, reg. $3.00/yard, on sale for $1.50/yard
  • $3 – 1 18″-26″ white metal tension rod, reg. $6.00 before 50%- off coupon

Total: $6 (YEAH!!!)

Here’s how it turned out:

(Stupid blurry pic. You can tell though that I used two pieces of material instead of one to create a “waterfall” effect. The material is still a little creased, I’m going to throw it in the washer & dryer and see what comes out!)

(Stupid lighting won’t balance in this tiny bathroom. It looks better in person!)

(Stupid camera pixelation. What’s the purpose of a 5MP camera phone if it can’t turn out a decent photo??)

Arrgh I am in a TO THE DEATH struggle with my camera phone right now. iCloud is just so freaking easy to use! I take a pic with my iPhone camera and as soon as I’m around wifi it gets sent to the cloooouuuudddd (I always say it like that. I can’t not say it like that. Help meeee!) where it’s automatically pushed to my iPad, which has the photo editing app I use on it. Unfortunately, it seems like my pics are looking crappier and crappier. They look fine on my little iPhone screen, but after uploading to WordPress they look like shit in a bag. Pardon my french.

Maybe it’s time to splurge on an iPad-camera cable and dig out the trusty, clunky cool pix. I’m sure I still have it around here somewhere.

Anyway, despite the quality of the photos, my little $6 project is MEGA AWESOME! I was able to tuck the trash can, toilet brush and stockpile of TP under the fluffy little curtain. I also found room for my scale behind the curtain because, you know, if I can see it I might feel bad about not actually using it. Baha. I don’t feel bad at all!




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