We’ve got pipes!

…And the world knows it. Well, as much of the world that has used our master bathroom knows it. In the past months I’ve become well acquainted with the most (un)inspiring set of pipes you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Since showing a picture is easier than inviting the world to parade through my bathroom, take a look:

This is the master bath from when we first moved into our house last September. Here’s where we’re at now, after I got my eager little hands all over it:

Hmmm, not too shabby! That is, until you address the elephant, I mean big red circle, in the room. Har dee har har. The squared-off basin sink is comfortably reminiscent of weeks at summer camp and a tiny wall-mounted sink doesn’t hog the floor space in this teensy bath, so nostalgia + space-saving = awesome, right? But the PIPES! Oh those ugly, ugly pipes. They even send off ugly vibes, glaring at me as I sit innocently on the loo or snag a minute to brush my teeth.

I much prefer a simple, unassuming little cabinet that hides all the plumbing bits & pipes like this one:

Which is a meager $99 at Lowes! But not currently in the budget.

Since replacing the sink is out, I’ve come up with a way to camouflage the pipes for the time being. I’m going to attach an itty-bitty tension rod between the glass wall of the shower and the purple wall to the right of the sink, running the rod slightly below and under the basin. A Saturday-morning jaunt to Joanne’s Fabrics or Hobby Lobby should return enough plain, unbleached linen to be draped over the rod like a two-tiered curtain- no needles required! Maybe some safety pins, though. You know how much I love my safety pins.

Behind the curtain I’m going to stow a basket (my mom scouted out some fab wire egg-baskets at TJ Maxx this week- that’s my next stop after Joanne’s!) with a toilet paper stash and cleaning products, etc.

The goal: hide the butt-ugly pipes and provide discreet storage. Ready, set, GO!

Why yes, I do have some mad Microsoft Paint skillz…thank you for noticing! (ha, ha) You get the idea though- I can’t replace the sink, and even my mechanically-challenged brain can’t come up with a way for the sink to function WITHOUT those ugly pipes- so I’m gonna skirt ’em. As my mad sewing skillz are not on the same level as my Microsoft Paint skillz (so I’m enjoying throwing around a few inappropriate “Z”‘s right now…what’s it to you?) I’m going to keep it simple.

Here are some pictures of how others have solved the problem of exposed plumbing. I’m using a rod because I feel like it will make the sink look more “built-in” and solid- but attaching the fabric directly to the sink basin with velcro was also considered. If I can’t find a small-enough tension rod, I’ll go that route!

(all three from todaloos)

(from interiordesignmusings.blogspot)

(from thisoldhouse.com)

(from design*sponge)

Okay, the pic above is just so frickin’ precious I have to include another view of that same darling kitchen, even though it has nothing to do with this post:

Some people just have a knack for putting together tons of pretties in a room and keeping it simple and uncluttered looking. There is a lot of STUFF in the kitchen above, but it feels perfect. If you’re interested, the entire house tour that belongs to the above pictures is here.

Anyway, back to the sink skirting- it should be a simple project that I can knock out this weekend. Is anyone else doing anything fun this weekend? (Can you tell I want it to be the weekend already? Le sigh…)


4 thoughts on “We’ve got pipes!

  1. exciting! i think the sink skirt will be the perfect solution. And that sweet kitchen from design*sponge gave me deja vu – I saw it back in 2009 when it was first posted, but forgot about it until now! LOVE that sneak peek.

    and this weekend, we’re busy packing up the apartment & painting the trim at our new home; I’ve been painting about a room’s worth of trim a day, so should have that project wrapped up by next week. 🙂 {also, was painting outside this morning and didn’t realize until just now that i am quite sunburned! yowch!}

    • Painting!! I love painting. The physical process is super-annoying but standing back afterwards and seeing the difference makes it all worth it. I’m so excited to see pics of your home once you start putting it together! The bits & pieces I’ve heard about it sound wonderful.

      What were you painting outside- the house? I am dying to paint my house- I would change the yellow siding and blue shutters for dark blue siding and bright yellow shutters. Basically a swap! That is my ideal home exterior.

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