My little jewel box of a bathroom

It’s done! Well, mostly done. I need to take a little touch-up paint around the edges of the ceiling and the electrical plates, but mainly DONE!!

This miniscule lavatory, despite being approximately 5 feet by 5 feet, has given me more grief than any other room in the house. It’s so small that I originally assumed it could slip under my perfection-radar, but then when I spend 105678691 minutes in there every day brushing my teeth, washing my face, showering, or doing, you know, whatever else is done in a salle de bain, I notice imperfections. I notice alot.

And so, certain accommodations had to be made.

But first-

A walk down memory lane!


Bathroom at closing, circa September 2011


Bathroom after moving in but not really doing anything, circa October 2011



Bathroom after installing no-sew sink skirt and DIY roman shade, circa June 2012


This bathroom tour from Lonny Magazine was my inspiration for the bathroom redo:


The paint color from the magazine photos is Calypso Blue by Benjamin Moore, but when I went to a Benjamin Moore store and looked up the color, it was heinous. Absolutely NOT what it looks like in the pictures! I had my heart set on a deep, rich, sapphire peacock feather blue- and I found it with Caribbean Splash by Olympic. The best thing about hyperpigmented paints like Caribbean Splash is that they are chameleon! Depending on the light source (overhead incandescent, outside sun, both) and the time of day it can look like a completely different color. In deep shadow the walls look navy, in full-sun they glow like turquoise. <3! That means though that my pictures look bipolar- some dark and some bright. That also might have something to do with the fact that I took pictures on my iPhone, which I have previously decried for having terrible quality. Beggars can’t be choosers! Or something like that.

Caribbean Splash by Olympic. Highly Recommended!

Here’s how I plowed through this water closet redo in one weekend:

Friday PM (after work)

– Take down vanity cabinets, curtains. Turn off water to sink, unscrew from wall.

– Strip wallpaper. This was easy, the wallpaper peeled right off and I used a spray bottle of water to hose down any stubborn bits. Easy but messy!

– Wash down walls. This was important as there was a lot of residue left from the wallpaper glue. Yuck!

– Spackle all the holes. There were a LOT of holes in the walls, and even a crack where the wall-mounted sink had started destroying the drywall it was mounted to. Boo:( Sand everything.

– Break out the primer, paint everything.

– Paint two coats of the semi-gloss on the lower half (previously purple) walls and baseboards.


Saturday AM, before puppy obedience class:

– Tape off the top half of the walls, paint along tape edges with white paint to seal them. (I learned this little trick online to help keep paint from seeping under paint tape. This way, whatever DOES seep under is white and won’t be noticed, and then you paint your darker color on top)

Saturday PM

– Paint three coats of Caribbean Splash.

– Paint another coat of semi-gloss white (darn that purple!)

– Remove all paint tape.

– Caulk along top edge of wall (hiding my messy edges…lol)

– Have my mom & siblings over, eat stir-fry & chocolate (not at the same time) and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos.



– Go shopping to Jo-Ann Fabrics for material to make new roman shade. Spend way too much money on accessories, too. Seriously, I found EVERYTHING at Jo-Ann’s!

– Make DIY roman shade.

– Decide to paint the electrical plates with Caribbean Splash, get impatient and put them up before they’re dry. Now I have to touch them up:(

– Attempt to “force” the paint to cure enough to be able to hang pictures & accessories, by closing up a space heater & fan in the bathroom for a couple of hours.

– Have dad over to help install new vanity. Not only does he have to cut pieces of the vanity to get it to fit over the existing pipes, but he has to shim up the left side with a 1/2-inch piece of plywood to get the top level! Darn this crooked house. Mark gets home as this step starts so he takes over the technical stuff with my dad. Thanks, baby!

– Watch the Walking Dead new episode. During commercial breaks, sprint to the bathroom to hang up pictures, towel hooks, etc.

– Crow excitedly about how ah-MAY-zing this bathroom looks, bask in adulation as husband proclaims me a decorating genius.

– Feel a teensy bit bad that I was so focused on the bathroom this weekend that I didn’t spend much time with the puppies.



Petite washroom tour, October 2012











Resource List:

Style Selections 20″ white Eurostone Shaker vanity & sink, $99 at Lowes

Behind sink mirror, $19 at One Kings Lane

MOGDEN soap dish and toothbrush holder, $15 from IKEA

BAREN toilet paper roll holder, $10 from IKEA

Towel hooks, I forget how much but bought ages ago from Hobby Lobby

Black and white striped material for DIY roman shade, one yard, $7.50 from Jo-Anne Fabrics (Originally $15/yd, 50%-off)

Star hand towel hook, $6.50 at Jo-Ann Fabrics (Originally $13, 50%-off)

Mercury glass knob, $3 at Jo-Ann Fabrics (Originally $6, 50%-off)

Mercury glass star, $12.50 at Jo-Ann Fabrics (Originally $25, 50%-off)

White cubby organizer, $12.50 at Jo-Ann Fabrics (Originally $25, 50%-off)

Behind-toilet mirror, $25 at Jo-Ann Fabrics, originally $50, 50%-off)

Olympic ONE interior satin paint & primer in Caribbean Splash, $26 for a gallon at Lowes

Olympic no-VOC interior semi-gloss bath & kitchen paint, bright white, $15 for a gallon at Lowes




8 thoughts on “My little jewel box of a bathroom

  1. Did you just say wallpaper peeled off easily? Is that a typo? I’m totally joking. I am still scarred from our first rental when we removed super old wallpaper. We nearly had to put up new dry wall. Love the colour! I hate it when you see a paint swatch online and see it in the store and go oh damn this is not what I wanted. Your home really makes me wish I lived in an older home. It was a fight between me and my husband when we were looking. He won the new build award. Next house I want something with more character rather than having to constantly build it in.

    • Thank you for your kind words! If there’s anything our house has in spades, it’s “character”! We just put a new roof on a couple weeks ago and apparently nothing up there is square. They sure don’t make them like that anymore. Bet you wouldn’t have that problem re-roofing your own house=)

      I had just put the wallpaper up last spring, and it was the prepasted kind, so I was able to get it off pretty easily. I can only imagine the horrors of removing ancient wallpaper! At that point I probably WOULD just replace the drywall… *shudder*

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