Cruiser Deere


Name: Cruiser Deere

Breed & coloring: Dappled miniature dachshund

Birthdate: September 25, 2008

Living with us since: October 2008

Favorite foods: Beggin’ strips, chicken

Adoption story: Cruiser was my Christmas present from The Hubs (then boyfriend) in 2008. At that time I was still living at home, when I went back to college in 2009 he lived with my parents until I graduated in 2011. As soon as we moved into our house in September 2011 we got him back, and he was SO HAPPY to see us again! We let him curl up and sleep in bed with us and I thought he was going to die of happiness. He is more of a bed-potato than I am! On Saturday mornings I usually get up before The Hubs to let the dogs out and give them breakfast. As soon as Cruiser is pottied, he goes to the bedroom door and whines until I let him get back in bed and snuggle with daddy for a few more hours.


Very first picture of Cruiser as a puppy:)


Cruiser and his best bud Charity.


Cruiser loves to sprawl in front of the space heater.


King of the chair!


No seriously mom. I wasn’t doing anything, I swear.


Cruiser in his winter jacket.

photo 1 photo 2


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