No-sew Roman Shades

Pinterest is so awesome, if I were single, I’d marry it!

Let me explain. When I was a kid there was this thing I’d do any time I was madly in love with something- you know, like popsicles, or sandwiches with mayonnaise, or flannel pajamas, or Dmitri from Anastasia- my first cartoon character crush! *sigh*. Who else would an 8-year-old fall in love with? Anyway, I would throw my arms wide and passionately declare that one day when I got older I was going to MARRY it, or him, or whatever (…even mayonnaise wasn’t safe from the flame of my eternal devotion). So yes, yes I would marry Pinterest.

Because it brought me this:

(Cheerful clutter! Turquoise chairs! And a triangle banner is definitely on my to-do list after this pic)


(a Halloween costume idea for my nephew)

And this:

(Mmm, yes, no comment except, you’re very welcome;P)

LOL. Yes, Pinterest has proven to be the bomb, and thoroughly deserves every bit of devotion that it receives. Mainly, because without it I never would have found a bevy of awesome DIY ideas including this project idea:

It’s a tutorial for making your own no-sew roman shades using just a set of plastic mini blinds, fabric, and glue. DIY NO-SEW ROMAN SHADES. Be still my heart. Roman shades are totally chic & timeless, and usually cost big bucks specially ordered online, like these ones going for $159-199 at Pottery Barn:

Or these plain-jane ones for $29.99 plus shipping from Window Blind Outlet:

The tutorial can be found on and is so simple I found myself wondering, why didn’t I think of it?? The entire tutorial is awesome, but this picture shows the best how this project goes down:

The blinds are laid out on top of a piece of material (keeping a few inches spare on each side) and then the plastic slats are carefully cut away, leaving just one slat every 10 or so. The remaining blinds are then glued onto the material and the excess on the edges is either ironed or glued on the back for a crisp edge. Here’s how that step looked for me:

I grabbed whatever was handy to weigh the blinds down to the material as the glue dried. I used Alene’s tacky glue from Hobby Lobby, we have oodles leftover from our dollhouse-building stint. Once the glue was completely dry I wedged the blind back up into place- the brackets were already installed as the mini blind in question has actually been in our bathroom for months now, in all its plastic glory.

Isn’t it be-YOO-tiful? I used a thicker fabric than they did in the tutorial, so mine achieved crisper folds than if I had used, say, a billowy soft muslin. But soft & billowy is a good look too!

This is how the shade looks completely extended. Total privacy! And so much cuter than those plasticky blinds. I chose a 45″-wide decorator’s fabric from Joanne’s Fabric in lovely soft purple polka dots, on sale for 30%-off. It took exactly 1 yard of material, my window is 31″ wide and about 35″ long so there wasn’t much left over!

No-sew Roman Shades budget breakdown:

  • $7.70 – 1 yard of decorator’s fabric, reg. $11/yard, 30%-off
  • $9 – 31″ wide mini blind from Walmart (bought ages ago)

Total: $16.70! That would have been even even less if I used the cheaper white mini blinds used in the tutorial, but I ended up repurposing the nicer brown ones that I already had on hand. Still, less than $20 and an hour of work (counting drying time) for custom roman shades. Squee!



I’m considering also updating my kitchen windows with some pimped-out mini blinds, since this one worked out so well! I just haven’t decided on a type/color of material yet. The curtain over our kitchen picture window is a poppin’ green & turquoise paisley, so I don’t want to visually compete with that- maybe some subtle green-on-ivory stripes. Thoughts?



14 thoughts on “No-sew Roman Shades

  1. Eeeee! I am SO excited to see this – I literally just read your sink skirt post and couldn’t stop drooling over the roman shade! It turned out soooo lovely! Thanks for the link – my naked windows won’t be naked much longer! 🙂

  2. As always, what great work you have done. This is possibly the worst post, though. (Don’t smack me yet, just hear me out…) Between the Channing Tatum picture, in all of his shirtless glory *drool*, to the awesome blind makeover to the awesome “Thank you Pinterest” quote at the bottom. I don’t think I can even pick a favorite part, and that is where the “worst” part comes in. I like/need to be able to pick a favorite part. I will just scroll back up to the man candy and call it a day. =)

    • The “man candy” is my favorite part, so it can be yours, too! Mmm mmm =P

      Seriously though, thanks for the words of praise. I love it when projects come together well! And the blinds makeover was super easy, you should give it a try=)

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