Master bathroom on my mind

I did it! After months of researching, gathering ideas, and changing my mind countless times, I finally took the first step towards my master bathroom redo. I just ordered this mirror:

Isn’t it just swoon-worthy? I found it on One Kings Lane, a designer discount site like Haute Look, Fab, Joss & Main, etc. The site features designer home decor, kitchen goods, clothes & toys at a deep discount, with collections constantly rotating. If you decide to think about buying something and come back a few days later, chances are the entire collection will be gone, replaced by a new crop of goodies.

I love sites like this because it’s easy to get maximum exposure to maximum design. Every day I log back in and check out the new sales, and today, finally, after months of shameless stalking, I pounced!

It’s an arched mirror with doors- the metal front opens up to the mirror (you could hang earrings & jewelry on the metal design, I’m betting!). Best thing? It was only $19, marked down from $40. It is exactly what I have been wanting for our new master bathroom design. The measurements on One Kings Lane were a little funky, so I googled the mirror and found the same one listed on Ebay (for $25 + shipping!) with pictures of it open, etc. and better measurements.

See what I mean about hanging jewelry on the doors? Picture from this Ebay listing

Okay, you probably caught it that time around. Yes, I’m redoing the master bathroom! The same beautiful master bathroom that I installed a chandelier in, painted my gorgeous eggplant in, lovingly wallpapered, and created a custom roman shade and ruffled sink skirt for. Here’s why: that eggplant paint? Went on a little sloppy. I can’t WAIT to paint it back over and get rid of the uneven edges. The beautiful wallpaper? I messed that all up. The pattern doesn’t meet, bits are peeling up on the edges, and I wasn’t able to wallpaper behind the toilet and that BOTHERS me. The ruffled sink skirt? Will be replaced by a new sink with a vanity cabinet!! The roman shade? Actually, it’s still perfect, just the wrong color now.

Here’s my vision- I’m wanna take this:

Master Bathroom right now

To this:

Inspiration picture that I put on Pinterest ages ago for master bathroom, from Lonny Magazine

I know it’s hard to see our tiny master bath ever looking that good, but it has a lot of things going for it. I promise!

Why I’m pretty sure I can make this work:

  • Our bathroom is small, and the inspiration pic bathroom is small. Haha, yeah, I’m counting this.
  • Our bathroom has a window too, and I can make a roman shade in striped fabric soooo easily!
  • We already have “beadboard” (okay, it’s paneling, but pretty close) on the bottom half of the walls.
  • Our bronze chandelier matches the inspiration light fixture in color, and since the moravian star lights are ridiculously expensive, the chandelier can stay put. (Sorry mom, I know you wanted it… :P)
  • Now that I know what it’s like to live with a sloppy paint job (what else am I supposed to stare at while brushing my teeth? Honestly) I’ll take the time to be as precise as possible. Yay frogtape!
  • I can touch up the window trim & baseboards with white semigloss while I’m painting the chair rail- our baseboards are currently flat white which is a pain to clean. Two birds, one stone!
  • I already have a starfish. LOL
  • The biggest reason that I’m ready to do this? I sold my dollhouse and have cash to spare!

I’m going to be replacing the wall-mount sink with this gorgeous baby:

We are going to reuse our existing faucet & handles, and I’m thinking about spray painting them for a custom look. I have found tons of tutorials online for spray painting fixtures, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m super excited about having a normal-height vanity! Our wall sink was mounted so high that every time I wash my face, water runs down my elbows and drips onto the floor. It doesn’t sound like much, but after months of cleaning the floor every time I clean my face, it has become pretty annoying! I know this vanity is not marble-topped like the one in the inspiration pic, but it’s only $99 at Lowes and with The Hubs’ military discount, a steal! Speaking of The Hubs, he has a weekend trip coming up and I’ve decided to plan my attack around that Saturday and Sunday. See? I’m a nice person! I’m sparing him the agony of my whirlwind DIY weekend.

I’ll need to empty the room, take down the cabinets & sink (turning off the water first of course, that’s the little handle thingy below the sink right? Hmm, maybe I should have someone else do that!) remove the wallpaper and scrub the glue off the walls, prime everything, tape & repaint, install the vanity sink (maybe my dad can help with this part), hang my new mirror and put up shelves above the toilet (for things that won’t fit in the vanity), and redo the roman shade. That’s not too much for a weekend, is it? LOL. We’ll see. Have I mentioned that the room is approximately 5′ x 5′? Painting will go lickety-split. And if it doesn’t, I’ll invite a sister or two over and make a party out of it! When I painted the hallway I had my younger sister Mercy over and we ate swedish fish while painting up a storm with Pixar’s the Incredibles in the background. Fun times!

Bathroom To-Do List:

  1. Paint walls: peacock blue above, bright glossy white below.
  2. Install new sink vanity.
  3. Hang new mirror and artwork.
  4. Hang shelves above toilet.
  5. Re-do roman shade with new fabric.
  6. Take a long, hot shower and enjoy the new space=)

It’s going down not this weekend but the next- I need time to amass supplies and kick out The Hubs. Wish me luck!



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