Dogshaming, dachshund edition


Have you heard of “Dogshaming“?

I have spent the entire morning laughing my butt off over this new phenomenon. It’s as good as Lolcatz! Basically, frazzled dog owners take pictures of their dogs with signs confessing shameful acts. Here are some of my all-time favorites (all from

Okay, after you’ve stopped ROFL-ing and LMAO-ing, pay attention. To anyone who thinks owning a dog is a piece of cake, refer back to the cake-related dog confession, “I ate an entire child’s birthday cake.”

Truly, dog-owners deal with so many messes, embarrassing situations, and just general nuisances, that at the very least we should get a good laugh on the internet out of it! Dog owners rejoice! Just as cat owners across the world united over the insane cuteness of their pets with Lolcatz, now we unite over the sheer destructive nature of our own pets!

And so, without further ado, may I present:

“Dogshaming, dachshund edition”

Ahh yes, just what you needed to end the work week, right? While you’re kicked back with a relaxing weekend, just think about what kind of shenanigans my babies will be up to next!



11 thoughts on “Dogshaming, dachshund edition

    • The sad thing, Danika, is that THEY ARE NOT DONE. As soon as I think we’ve hit rock bottom there’s a new trick up their sleeves. Putting jingle bells on their collars could help- as soon as I stop hearing jingling, I know they’re up to something. It worked for my younger brother, so why not dogs? LOL

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