And then he called me a reptile

I’m freezing. Like, absolutely freezing. I’ve been freezing since I woke up this morning to a balmy 50 degrees. Mornings should be illegal when the weather is this chilly (unless there is mandatory 30-minute hot showers and free hot chocolate).

I know I’m whining. I miss my bed. And my blankets. And my puppies that curl up under the quilts by my feet like little ovens… If ovens occasionally licked your ankle, that is.

I’m sitting typing this at my desk at work (it’s been a slow day, sue me) physically shivering. I’m freezing because of something that a younger brother once pointed out, with the candidness that only a 10-year-old can manage- that I must be a reptile. In my family I’m always the first to be cold, the first to grab a blanket or put on a pair of socks, the first one to *ever so slowly* crank the temperature in the car from A/C to heat, hoping that no one notices…

So is it any wonder that I’ve been googling blankets all day? Yes, blankets. I’m on a mission right now to find the perfect cable-knit blankets for this winter. Due to budget constraints, I’m completely skipping Fall (and all fall-related decorations, except for maybe a teeny little pumpkin because they’re so freaking cute) and going straight to winter. Which is cooler anyway (pun intended) because it has Thanksgiving and Christmas, and fall only has Halloween, which I haven’t celebrated since I was 14 and dressed up as Padme Amidala and won the karaoke contest at my church event. I realized I couldn’t possibly ever top that, so I didn’t even try.


My decorating plan for WINTER (not fall, so those trees can just go ahead and drop their gorgeous leaves already) involves lots of pinecones, cable knit and tartan plaid. I have some absolutely fabulous ideas that I am waiting until this weekend to act on, so you’ll have to wait until next week to see them! They involve-

1. Covering pillows

2. Cinnamon pinecones

3. Finding the most snuggly blanket EVER

Already excited about it? Me, too!

Here are some pics that show the cozy winter look I’m going for. What is YOUR idea of cozy & fluffy decor?

DIY pinecone garland from

Super cozy cable-knit throw, image from


I’m so excited to start finding ways to work pinecones, plaid, and cable-knit into our home! If we could just get these puppies potty-trained then I could bring back our cozy floor rugs in the kitchen and living room. Until then, I’ll just have to double-up on Mark’s thick socks so that my toes don’t fall off. Who’s ready to sniff the apple crumble candles with me?



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