2012: A Year in Review

I’m not generally a pensive person. In fact, it could be said that I actively avoid thinking about the past. Lives change, people grow up or move on (or both), and looking back can dredge up painful memories better left buried. I’m on a journey with The Hubs and our feathered & furry family – further up and further in! Onward! Tally ho! Right? Well, I just realized something awesome. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly a year! In fact, my first blog post ever was on January 27 of 2012. It wasn’t long, just a “hello, nice to meet you!” kind of post. I feel like I should do something exciting on my blogiversary (is that the correct terminology?).

Anyway, this blog lets me page through 2012 and see the highlights- only the good bits! (well, aside from the bed bugsthat was a low point!) So I’ve decided to post a recap of the year, just for myself, and for kicks and giggles.

January 2012


Highlights- experimenting with decorating the fireplace mantle and giving a now completely outdated kitchen tour.

February 2012


Highlights- getting a king-sized mattress for only $50! Also, falling head over heels for a chandelier.

March 2012

Highlights- no idea, actually. Apparently I didn’t blog during this month!

April 2012


Highlights – Wow. A lot happened in this month! I made my first mood boards, brought a few more light fixtures into the 21st century, started a love-affair with peel & stick chalkboard paper, and revealed both a bathroom makeover and hallway redo.

May 2012


Highlights – painting my kitchen white (who doesn’t love a crisp white kitchen?), hanging art in my hallway with twine & clothespins, revealing a master bathroom makeover, and getting chickens.

June 2012


Highlights – Successfully recreating a Pinterest idea and DIY-ing my own roman shades, and complaining about my popcorn ceiling (I call that a highlight because my ideas were all super-awesome!).

July 2012


Highlights – DIY-ing a slipcover for my previously heinous-and-on-the-brink-of-death ottoman, gathering ideas for a deck project (which might happen this summer!!), and The Hubs being a sweetie-pie and surprising me with a Kitchenaid mixer when my vintage one pooped out mid-cookie-bakefest.

August 2012


Highlights – blogged about visiting a girlfriend in Chicago & finally going to an IKEA store!

September 2012


Highlights – got new puppies, new puppies + old puppies got into trouble, and tackled the age-old question, “to DIY or not to DIY!”

October 2012


Highlights – the new babies graduated from their puppy obedience class, I played with my gallery wall, and revealed yet another master bathroom makeover (this one I’m keeping!)

November 2012


Highlights – I took a well-earned vacation from my office job, and Mark exploded Christmas lights all over the outside of the house & yard.

December 2012


Highlights – yet another month jam-packed with fun! We bought two zebra finches, and then went back for a parrot the next day. Mark gave me a Keurig (yes, I blogged about it), I revealed a closet makeover, and our small Midwestern town experienced the first winter snow storm it has had in years!

That’s what I did in 2012 on this blog. In not-blogged-about Real Life ’12, I weathered the ups of a college girlfriend living with us for 6 weeks while completing graduate work in town and the downs of being unemployed for a month and Mark going to second shift for our entire summer. Also, I learned Zumba while still managing to close out the year 10 pounds heavier than I was going into it! I’ve grown closer to my mom & older sister, and have made a point to spend time with my in-town family. We’ve put a new roof on our house, and (thanks to the presidential election) The Hubs and I have discovered that we have some fundamental differences when it comes to politics. I’ve also realized how much I really do love animals, and our menagerie has exploded from 3 to 25 (four dogs, one cat, three birds, one rooster and 16 chickens!).

If I had to choose a motto for 2013, it would be this:

An it harm none, do what ye will.

(That’s actually the Wiccan rede, and although I do not identify as Wiccan, this statement of their moral system resonates with me very deeply.)




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