So glad to still be here.

Yesterday, my little midwestern town was hit with a doozy of a Summer blast. A cold front swooped in from the west, pelting into an existing wave of heat & humidity, creating a perfect storm. We’re not new to storms like this, with thunder, lightening, rain, even hail a summer normality around here. In fact, in 2005 right before Thanksgiving, an F4 tornado plowed through our town not one block from where the Hubs and I purchased our home two years ago. So it happens. Severe thunderstorm and tornado watches are not unusual in our volatile Spring and Fall months.

Yesterday’s storm was an F1, or as the National Weather Service in Paducah KY deemed it, a “macroburst”. It started mid-afternoon on the West side of town, building momentum as it hit the main strip, and continuing east into neighboring towns. My work was lucky, we were on the south side of the storm and missed the straight-line winds, getting only an ample dose of torrential rain. 

The Hubs, however, was not so lucky. His job takes him on the road often and he was driving as the storm hit. He texted me this picture at 4:34pm, taking my breath away:


Immediately followed by this picture:


Imagine me getting both of these pics while at work, freaking out, hoping he’s safe & okay! And then our power went out! We were without phones, lights, A/C, etc. for nearly a half hour at my office, forcing our vets to conduct exams by flashlight, limited to the exam rooms with windows. 

I didn’t even realize how bad the damage was until I drove down the main strip to my parents’ house to check on my family. I passed four- FOUR – concrete bus bunches tipped completely over. Trees down. Soccer goals thrown across the field. Metal roofing torn off a gas station. And the branches! Branches & leaves were in the roads, in parking lots, everywhere. 

At my parents’ house:


A tree down, right over the driveway! 5 minutes down the road from their house:


One of my coworkers & girlfriend faced an even worse scene as she left work and drove to her home, slightly north and east of my own. She texted me these pictures from her town:


I also pulled a few pics off our local news channel’s Facebook page:


10304871_10152399265299730_1034922391038619210_n 10175055_10202062561070163_719336164798450115_n 1554384_10152397877259730_3315106859003154526_n 10307434_10152399260779730_5804148133621264982_n

This is scary stuff, guys! We fell in love with & bought a home that does not have a basement. Our main storm plan is to run across the field to our friend Merle’s house and camp in his walkout. Seriously, that’s the actual plan. We need something better. At least our home was spared, our lives and our friends & families lives, our furbabies. There were no fatalities from this storm, just crazy stories, like the lady who was in her car when a live power line fell on top of it, throwing sparks everywhere., trapping her for 2 hours, or how our county’s emergency dispatch (as in, “911”) was DOWN for an hour. As I’m typing this, the Hubs and I are watching a Weather Channel show called “Tornado Alley” that follows the exploits of these crazy beasts called tornados. They’re freakin’ psycho! Yesterday could’ve been so, so much worse.

Last but not least, here is a picture of the double rainbow that popped out after the storm passed. This is legit, guys, not only was the rainbow posted on Facebook several times, but a coworker showed a pic she snapped of it to me this morning. Isn’t it beautiful? We’re all still here. 





One thought on “So glad to still be here.

  1. Hi Hannah! So so glad you guys are ok! We were hit up in Louisville too but I don’t think the damage was as extensive as in Evansville 😦
    I noticed you were saying in your blog that you’re going to re-strategize your emergency plan for if this happens again. I’m currently guest-blogging at a website called and they specialize in preparing for emergencies. Maybe you can get some good ideas there or you might find some products you might like? Just thought I’d throw it out there! 🙂
    Anyways, again – glad y’all are safe!! 🙂

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