A sunny day

What a lovely, sunny day we finally had in my little midwestern town! After being pummeled by winter storm after winter storm, I guess the gods decided we deserved a little break? Of course, there’s still snow on the ground and of course, it’s still below freezing, but I’ll take it.

It’s my day off from work but it was far from relaxing. First, poor baby Cruiser is sick. He woke us up at 4am whining, and turns out he’d pooped all over the bed. After that was cleaned up, we went back to bed. Then, at 5am, he woke *me* up by gagging & vomiting right on my pillow. Not to be out-performed by a dachshund, the Hubs got up with his alarm at 5:30, realized he felt like crap, called in to work, and crawled back into bed. So I got to take care of 2 sick babies on the only day that I also get to catch up on housework & appointments, and also teach art class!

This morning while the Hubs was sleeping off whatever bug he’s picked up (my vote is a combination of exhaustion from having drill this past weekend and a sinus infection from being in and out of heat/freezing cold at his work on Monday) and the puppies slept on the couch, I cleaned what I could *quietly* and enjoyed the sun.


The sunshine was so gorgeous it prompted a spontaneous photo shoot of my kitchen. I hardly recognize it compared to how it looked when we moved in September 2011. I hardly recognize *myself* from September 2011!



The bar cabinet is the Hubs’ birthday present from this year. I found an old china cabinet on Craigslist and blinged it out with a mirrored back and led lights from Lowes. He looooves his whiskey! I also got him a set of professional bar tools from Amazon and a book of cocktail recipes. Not only did I get “wife of the year” again, but I’m also his test subject for new drinks, and let me just say, my man has a way with booze=)


New kitchen pendant light from Ikea finally installed over my new stainless steel kitchen island from Ebay. And by new, I mean “new to you” – the pendant light was from my birthday Ikea trip last August, and the kitchen island I bought in last September. And I’m just now showing them off. But whatevs, they’re lovely and deserve it, better late than never.


This is my baby, my side-by-side fridge. You know, it’s strange. My post from February 2013 about my DIY efforts to paint the perfectly serviceable but plain-jane refrigerator that came with our house is by far the most popular post on this blog. In fact, that post alone receives nearly 100 individual hits per day. Seriously! I’m attributing that fact to Pinterest and an idea’s ability to go “viral” in the media-centric lives we live. Here, remember how adorable it is?


But, then I did the unthinkable…I bought a new fridge. I LOVE my turquoise fridge. Loved, and still love it. I love as much as I did a year ago, even though it is now in our garage holding overflow drinks & frozen meat. But it wasn’t BIG enough. It didn’t have an ice-maker. It just didn’t *work* for the needs we realized we had. And then, one auspicious day at Best Buy, we found a floor model LG side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator marked down from $1400 to $900, with an additional 10% off open-box items, and 24 months same as cash financing if we put it on our Best Buy card. It was fate. Truly, kismet! And I’ve never looked back. Do I love the “fame” of having turned a boring white fridge into a cheerful vintage-inspired turquoise princess? Heck yes!! But this new fridge? Is a goddess.

IMG_0108 IMG_0086IMG_0116




If anyone is curious, I am loving my DIY-ed open shelving as much as I did when all by my big-girl grown-up self I installed it…what’s that? FINE, when my dad and I *together* installed it almost exactly a year ago. Every other day or so I run a swiffer duster along the shelves themselves, and I wipe/rinse off the top dishes before using, but those were easy habits to fall in to. Having open shelves really helped me focus and curate my collection of dishes, vases, ball jars and tchotchkes into something visually pleasing. It also psychologically expanded the room – my “head real estate” feels larger, especially when cooking at the stove that used to have a heavy above-range microwave directly in front of my face. No regrets here!



I’m pleasantly surprised that my lucky bamboo has lived as long as it has. 2 years now! It’s looking a little frayed though…does anyone know anything about re-potting lucky bamboo? I think it would be happier in a larger home.


By the way, do you not love the beautiful seafoam green that I painted the cabinets? I would link to it, but it was actually a $2 mistint from Lowes! Honestly, every time I go to Lowes I have to swing by and check out the mistint shelves in the paint section. These are gorgeous, high-quality paints, that for one reason or another didn’t work out for the people that ordered them. At $2/quart and $5/gallon, they are too good to pass up. In fact, I also recently painted the master bedroom in a $5 dark charcoal mistint…another post for another day! It took me 3 hours with a soft-foam roller & 2″ flat brush to paint the cabinets, and I was struggling with a cold at the same time, that should tell you how easy it is=P For a comparison, this post from a year ago has great images of the old white cabinets. And also of the turquoise fridge, too!


The silver wreaths over the windows are leftover Christmas decorations…I’m trying to decide if I want to DIY some macrame plant holders to go in their place, maybe with small pots of African Violets? So many ideas, so little time!


The dishwasher is hanging partway out because we pulled it out to run a line to the icemaker and never hooked it back up. In the 2.5 years we’ve lived in this house, I’ve run the dishwasher maybe 4 times? It’s always been easier to wash things right away and throw them in the drainer, probably because it’s just two of us eating over here. Also, is it just me, or do dishwashers take for-eh-ver to finish a load? Ours would take over two hours to run. Maybe that’s not typical? Anyway, the plan is to Craigslist it and install some deep shelves in the open space, for pots and things. Eventually.

IMG_0087 photo

Miss Piggy, my flea-market find from Thanksgiving 2012, is still looking fabulous=)


Again, this entire photo shoot was inspired by the glorious winter sun we had today. This is my spring mantle – still loving my turquoise foo dogs, and I finally found a place for an old painting from college that had been kicking around in the cat room for a while. The painted “N” is a homemade Christmas gift from a dear friend=)


I desperately need more potted plants in my home, but I’m terrified that I’ll accidentally poison one of the dogs. Or one of the cats. Or one of the birds. Obviously, this is a problem.


Every mantle needs R2-D2 and Darth Vader candy dispensers, right?

IMG_0106 IMG_0111

Luke was my peanut gallery for the duration of the shoot – he obviously had some strong concerns regarding styling that needed to be voiced. Hence the puckered eyebrows. Either that or he was trying mental telepathy to ask for a treat. Either way, he was terrific company=)


The remainder of the babies lounged in the living room all morning. I think they could sense that their comrades were ill and stayed quiet out of respect. Or something like that. Come to think of it, you haven’t seen this room since last September when I gave you a play-by-play of the wall demolition. Since then, we have finished the unfinished! The wall is patched and painted, the ceiling is patched and painted, the new doorway trim has been painted, a light fixture installed, curtains put up, and just a few weeks ago we got a new-to-us huuuge 10×12 floor rug from a family member that was upgrading.


Luke got tired of waiting for me to pick up on his treat-begging telepathy and curled up for a nap of his own. All in all, it was a nap-ish kind of day. For everyone but the nursemaid =)

I’m reminded of why I left off blogging for so long…it’s nearly 11 o’clock and the Hubs and babies are all already in bed, and I’m lagging at the table editing furiously and eating cookie dough like it’s my  job. I wish that was my job! But alas (does anyone still say “alas”?), that is not the case, and I have work tomorrow and an alarm already set.




3 thoughts on “A sunny day

  1. Hi Hannah, my name is Tami jo, I love all the steps I learn from you when I’m not sure about a project or just when you give little hints to make a project easier. Thank you especially for the great pictures. I noticed you said that you would like more plants in your home but want them to be safe for all the animals, I happen to be a Horticulturist and can give you some ideas if your interested. I know it can be difficult because one variety is safe for birds and cats but not dogs and so on, but if you need any advice just let me know. By the way, your ‘lucky palm’ is also a variety of grass and from what I can see, it is nutrient deficient. It just needs some liquid indoor fertilizer and all of the outside, oldest leaves cut off. Sorry this is so long, thanks again, Tami jo

    • Hi, Tami Jo! I’m glad you enjoy my blog:) I would love some advice re animal-friendly house plants!! I have windows with southern sun exposure, and some windows with western sun exposure. What kinds of plants do you think would work well in those circumstances? Also what kind of liquid fertilizer would you recommend for my poor bamboo plant? I never even thought about feeding it!

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