Why hello there!

Hi guys. Since I feel like stating the obvious, it’s been a while since my last post… Two weeks, to be precise. Never fear, this is not the end of Cozy Crooked Cottage! Have you ever felt like the the more you want to do something, the more stuff crops up to keep you from doing it? That’s how things have been with this blog recently. Something funny will happen, or I’ll take an adorable picture of the babies, and I’ll think Oh! I need to post this! And next thing I know, I’m working late, or Mark is working late, or I’m cleaning up the puppies’ explosive diarrhea (that did happen), or any other crisis pops up keeping me from logging in and making that blog post. So here we are! Two weeks later.


Chloe’s getting bigger! She is 5 months old now.

Here’s why I don’t feel too too bad about not posting sooner. First of all, I am thisclose to getting our credit card paid down to a manageable amount. See, I set the credit card company up to send me email updates when our balance gets over a certain level, and I am SO SICK of those disheartening daily emails! Until that’s taken care of, I’ve issued a moratorium on putting dough towards household projects. Waaah…

photo 1

The puppies love our Summer evening sunshine=)

So that’s one reason for radio silence- no new projects! Another bit of the blame rests on my new job. My old job did not mentally challenge me. At all. I would finish my work and have brain cells left over to plan projects, pick out paint colors, and browse my favorite decorating blogs. At my new job? I’m lucky if I get a chance to peek at text messages before my lunch break! There’s no online shopping-cart-filling, blog browsing, or list making. Technically, I could do all of that in my evenings. But have I mentioned how mentally draining my new job is? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this job. It’s the bees knees. The best thing since sliced bread. The shizz…and that’s enough of that! I’m finally a part of something important, helping people and animals, that keeps me on my toes and always learning new things. I’ve seen a rubbermaid tub filled with 10 7-week-old golden retriever puppies coming in for their first shots, I’ve helped reunite dogs with their owners by checking strays for microchips, and I’ve held a 15-year-old cancer-ridden beagle as he took his last breath. I wouldn’t trade this job for anything, not even daily blog updates!

photo 3

We just found this miniature egg among our normal-sized ones….it looks like we have a new layer!

And the last bit of the blame? Rests fully on my super awesome plans for a room remodel, slated to take place this fall!!! We’re going to take out the wall separating our living room from one of the back bedrooms, expanding the front kitchen/dining/living room by 50%! Guys, this project is all about making the space work for US and fit OUR needs. By this fall (September I’m hoping!) we’ll have enough put back to go ahead with the plan. So when I’m walking through Target now and see a fun wall clock or outdoor rug – I stop and think, would it be better to put this dough towards a few more square feet of hardwood flooring, that pair of kitchen stools I’ve been drooling over on Overstock, or a perfect light fixture for my future dining room space? And the answer is usually yes.

I’ll try to be better, though. I’ve got updates about Lucky and the chickens to share, how I cleaned the mold off of the vinyl siding at the back of our house, and we’re halfway through burning our brush pile and I haven’t even shared pictures of it ye! There’s lots to tell, and as of right now I’m getting on that=)




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