Lucky update #2


Well guys, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that Lucky is still alive! Nearly a month after her rescue and recovery, she’s still peeping. The bad news? She’s been attacked again. We have a flock of chickens that are too young to be put in with the old biddies yet, so they’ve been in a chicken “tractor” for the past few months. We set Lucky’s isolation cage right next to the tractor, and she would go nuts trying to get through the wire into their pen! So, a couple days ago, since Lucky had completely recovered from her rump wound and feathers had grown back in, The Hubs decided to put Lucky in with the other young hens. He watched for a few minutes and they seemed to be getting along just fine.

photo 1

That’s Lucky in the corner, getting checked out by a couple of bantam hens.

When he checked on them again a couple hours later, this is how he found Lucky:


Those mother-effing birds had pecked off  her ENTIRE COMB. Essentially? She was scalped. I am so mad at those hens, I’m no longer considering keeping them for layers. They are meat birds, every one. She was doing so much better and wanted so badly to play with the big kids! Lucky would run up and down the length of her isolation cage, pecking frantically at the wire cage side, we just assumed that they would be desensitized to her presence and accept her as one of them. But that’s not how it played out.


Like before, I cleaned off Lucky’s wound with warm water, soap, and saline solution, and then gently rubbed on a little extra-strength antibiotic cream. She’s back in her isolation cage with fresh bedding and an extra handful of scratch grains. I’ve checked on her several times and the wound is scabbing over nicely and her appetite and energy level has not been affected. I’m seriously at a loss as to what to do with her now. She obviously has something about her that screams VICTIM, I don’t see any scenario where Lucky gets integrated into the flock without any mishaps. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m all ears!




6 thoughts on “Lucky update #2

    • I checked on her wound this morning when we put isolation cage out in the grass- it is completely scabbed over. I don’t know if skin grows back on a chicken? But at least it isn’t infected and she’s still cheerful:)

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