peanut butter kisses

Do you remember the “Take Back the Yard” Operation that I started back in March? Well, aside from painting the porch ceiling, buying some Adirondack chairs, and hanging a few potted flowers, nothing has been done! It has seemed like The Hubs has worked late every night. The weekends that he hasn’t been at drill, it’s poured outside. The Hubs’ chainsaw blade needs sharpening, the lawn tractor needs a new tire (that everyone is sold out of). The universe is conspiring against us, apparently content to leave things as they are, which is overgrown, weedy, brambly, and cluttered (that would be the garage). We’ve got grass to cut, weeds to pull, flowers to plant, a driveway to spray, trash to take to the dump, a house to treat for those spring creepy crawlies, and a garage to clean out. Basically, holy crap that’s a lot! And it’s all outside.

To say that waking up to the sound of a torrential downpour this morning was disheartening would be an understatement. A huge understatement!

I was also a teensy bit relieved, because I am exhausted. What a week! I just finished up my first week as a Animal Hospital employee, and I have to say, I love love loved it! I was a kennel technician on Monday and ended the week on Friday as a “client services specialist”. Yeah, I got a promotion on day 3 at my new job, because that’s just how I roll=) Now, instead of being behind the scenes caring for the boarded dogs, giving baths and cleaning kennels, I’m up front checking in patients, taking weights, and dispensing prescriptions. As much as I love working one-on-one with the animals being boarded, I’ve already seen so much in the few days that I’ve been working up front. I’ve seen stray kittens brought in for vaccines, puppies getting their first check-ups, diabetic dogs having their blood glucose levels tested, and a pair of super- friendly umbrella cockatoos.

There are a few downsides to being at the front desk, though… I saw my first euthanasia yesterday, and I bawled. Someone brought in a pair of dogs to be put down, a 3-year-old female bull mastiff and a 15-year-old mini beagle mix. She said they had a lot of medical issues, but when a doc inspected them he said that the mastiff was in perfect shape. The “owner” had already paid for the euthanasia and cremation and had left, so we called her and got permission to rehome the mastiff instead of putting her down. So that was the happy part! The sad part was that the old beagle was actually pretty sick with testicle tumors. He was too old and sick to be rehomed (otherwise I would have taken him in a heartbeat!!) I wasn’t the only one crying.

But then, right as the tech was carefully taking away the old guy’s body, someone else thrust a 6-pound peanut-butter-covered shih-tzu in my face asking if I would help clean her up (they give the dogs peanut butter to distract them if they’re awake during procedures). I ended up covered in peanut butter kisses and realized that that’s how life works. We love these little furry butts so much, even though we know they only live a fraction of our lives. It rips our hearts out every time when we lose one, but those peanut butter kisses? Make it all worth it.





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