Bringing in the green!

Hey guys! What a crazy week. I put in my one-week notice on Monday, and midday on Tuesday my boss wrote my final check, watched me pack up my stuff and let me go. So, I’ve been on an un-planned vacation since then! No, I haven’t gotten anything done around the house. And yes, it’s been wonderful! I’ve caught up on my sleep, had lunch with my mom, gone shopping for scrubs, done some blog reading, and realized how many hilarious movies they show on TV during the day. Seriously, Don’t Mess With The Zohan and Baby Mama on the same day? Jackpot! (Adam Sandler, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are my all-time favorite comedic geniuses)

Our gorgeous spring weather is hiding behind some cloudy cold moodiness, and instead of picking up on the moodiness and being moody myself, I decided to bring some spring inside! Now, I can curl up with hot chocolate and a TV movie and enjoy some greenery even when it’s sweatery outside (I just invented that word…sweatery…you can use it if you want too:P)

At Lowe’s last weekend I bought a 1.5-gallon potted English Ivy plant. Ivy is toxic to pets, cats in particular, and I know for a fact that Melanie nibbles on every plant I put in her reach, so I made sure to get a hanging basket! The dogs and cat can’t reach it, but it still looks fabulous. I chose an ivy plant (over the super-cheap ferns that are everywhere right now) because of this list of top air-purifying houseplants released by NASA, and a WebMD report on the allergen-scrubbing properties of the Hedera Helix, aka the English Ivy. You can see how cool ivy is as a houseplant from this quote on the WebMD page:

English ivy’s air-cleaning abilities were recently tested.

First, researchers put moldy bread and dog feces in containers. Then, they checked how much mold and feces were in the containers’ air at the start of the study. Next, English ivy was added to each container and repeat measurements were taken at baseline, then six and 12 hours later.

Six hours later, 60% of the airborne-mold had vanished from the air around the ivy. Almost as much of the airborne feces were also gone from the air (58%).

After six more hours the air was even cleaner. More than three-quarters of the airborne mold was gone (78%). So were nearly all of the airborne feces (94%), the study shows.

The Hubs helped put up the hook in our drywall ceiling. I had my heart set on centering the plant in front of the window, and it was so sad to realize that the stud was a foot too far to the right. Then, The Hubs ran to Ace Hardware and brought back with the best thing ever- a Cobra Versa Hook, specially made for installing directly into drywall. Problem solved, and that? Is one of the many reasons why I married him!

image_1 Here’s a cool blast from the past – check out how our living room looked in October of last year! It’s hard to believe that was just 6 months (and three dogs) ago.


With just a few simple changes in this room I was able to give it a whole new look. I painted the walls a soft grey, re-did the gallery wall, re-arranged the furniture, swapped out the eye-popping chevron rug for a washable Ikea Erslev rug (which is *usually* on the floor of the living room, but we’ve learned from experience that floor rugs and potty-training puppies do NOT mix), and added some freshness from plants. I love it! We spend so much time in this room, it feels great to have a space that is soothing and personal.

image_2image image_4image_3 image_5


signature2P.S. If anyone’s wondering why I have bright purple free weights tucked under the ottoman, it’s because when Cruiser jumps up on it at full speed, it goes rolling across the hardwood floor like a rocket. The weights keep it firmly in place, facilitating all kinds puppy acrobatics=)


2 thoughts on “Bringing in the green!

    • Thank you!! I am so proud of my gallery wall=) The room feels completely different painted grey versus the green I started out with. And I haven’t killed the ivy yet, bonus! lol

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