Call me Dr. Dolittle

Happy Monday! Is anyone out there actually having a good Monday morning? Mine is maintaining “decent” status, only because of the gorgeous blue sky outside. Last night was one of our worst ones yet with Chloe and crate training:( Yesterday evening The Hubs and I were engrossed in watching Dr. Who and lost track of time (imagine that!), next thing we knew it was after 11. After we got the puppies settled, and then ourselves settled, it was after 11:30. At exactly 4:34 AM Chloe started barking. And then kept barking until our alarms went off at 6:30. Earplugs & white noise machines (aka box fans) only drown out so much. I think I cried at one point. So yeah, that was last night, and my eyes are so tired that they’re burning. This is why we aren’t having children for a loooong time! Okay, any time I share my frustrations over one of the babies I also have to share something cute. So…here’s a cute picture!


We spent Saturday evening with my husband’s sister and her husband. We drove over right after Chloe’s afternoon obedience class so we took her along. Their 70-pound goldendoodle chased her around the yard for a while, and then settled in to supervise her playtime. It’s crazy thinking that she will be close to that size when full-grown! I’m too used to little dogs.

Then, this morning, I got to come into the office and give my boss my notice. I HATE conflict so I’ve been dreading this all weekend. Yes, you heard that right! Remember how I said that exciting things were happening? Well, the job offer has been accepted so I can finally say it – I am moving into a new career field! I’m giving up my high heels and desk work for bathtime and walks…I’m the newest full-time Kennel Technician at a local animal hospital:) I’ve been looking for an animal care-related job since January. It’s not that I dislike being a receptionist – I just didn’t want to be one forever. In the past few years since graduating with my (completely un-marketable) art degree, I’ve realized that my passions lay in a different field than where I have my education and job experience. I am good at my current job but it is not what I want to be doing, and I actually have the luxury of being able to change it.

My plan is to work as a Kennel Tech for a year or so before starting my degree to become a licensed Vet Technician. My job duties (starting next Monday!) will include caring for the dogs & cats being boarded or left overnight for observation. I’ll be doing everything from walks, bathtime, nail clipping, maintaining the kennels, to mealtimes and dispensing medication. Basically, what I already do at home (and love) I’ll be doing at work and getting paid for! I also really like the hours of my new job. I’ll be working 9-hour days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and half-days on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m thinking about starting a new tradition of Tuesday and Thursday afternoon naps… 😉

Anyway, so that’s my news! The Hubs and I celebrated all weekend long, starting with margaritas at my favorite Mexican restaurant, and ending with a trip to Lowe’s to buy some pretty green things. Spring has officially landed in our neck of the woods!

~Springtime at our Cozy Crooked Cottage~


The Hubs and I went to Lowe’s on Sunday and I picked out my hanging baskets. I cheated and bought them ready-made, but I figure with my black thumb I need as much help as I can get!


I bought 1.5-gallon hanging baskets of blue mounding lobelia. I’m hoping the flowers will trail down from the baskets as they grow. Don’t they look lovely against my blue porch ceiling?


The front of our house. The metal roof is new from last Fall. The Hubs and I keep tossing around ideas for getting rid of that horrible wrought-iron porch railing & posts…the one we keep coming back to involves decking the concrete porch out a few feet to make the space more usable, removing the railing altogether, and boxing in the columns. How cool would that be?


This is a good view of our fenced front yard! The babies spend a lot of time playing out there now that the weather is being fantastic. I love when they come galloping inside for dinner all covered in twigs and dirt from their explorations:) (Okay, I love that they tire themselves out that way. I don’t love cleaning them up)


We also bought a couple of tomato-red plastic adirondack chairs at Lowe’s. I’ve drooled over the real wood ones before, but our midwestern climate is so humid I’m nervous that I would forget them in the rain and they would rot. Also, the plastic ones were only $17/each! You can’t beat that.


We’re still chipping away at that brush pile. I promise at the end of the summer it will be GONE!





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