Tiny Homes By Design

Once upon a time, The Hubs and I lived in a tiny apartment in a tiny town while I worked on finishing up my BA. We had a great time bopping around town visiting friends for movie nights, hitting up Hobby Lobby with those sweet 40%-off coupons, and enjoying half-price happy hour at Sonic, which was no small feat considering that Sonic’s “happy hour” was from 2-4AM! And…that was it. There wasn’t much else to do in Smalltown, USA! (well, besides homework, that is)

So natch, we decided to start a hobby.

This hobby was so much fun, it turned into an Etsy business that kept us busy for several months! We would have kept the hobby up longer, but after killing ourselves to beat the Christmas rush our desire dwindled and eventually the business died. In fact, our business Hotmail account was dormant for so long that Hotmail actually deleted it! (did you know they could do that? I didn’t)

Anyone remember what the hobby was? I’ve mentioned it before.

It was building dollhouses!


Our shop on Etsy

We would buy Real Good Toys dollhouse kits from Hobby Lobby and take them from this:


It’s like a puzzle…a puzzle of HAPPINESS!

To this:


Our favorite color scheme, blue on blue.

We even fully decked-out the insides with wallpaper, baseboards, and (sometimes, like in the one pictured below) installed electrical outlets. Our buyers were given the opportunity to completely customize their dollhouse, from the exterior colors to the shingle color to what colors and styles of interior wallpapers they wanted. In fact one buyer went so far as to go their local Hobby Lobby, pick out wallpaper for each room, and message us each paper’s item #. Our houses were literally “any way you want it”!


The wallpapers are actually scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby…acid and lignin free, no fading even in sunlight!

Guys, if that’s not talent, I don’t know what is! Here are a few of my other favorites from our dollhouse building period:


This one was decorated using a custom color scheme based on a picture the buyer messaged us. We shipped it to Norway!


One of our first builds…a yellow and green Victorian Cottage Jr.


Shingling was optional and added to the cost of the house.


Aww, look how proud The Hubs is!


This house we built in two weeks! The interior is fully decorated and wired for electric lights as well. Let’s just say they paid us well for the rush job.


I added some upgrades to this house with the brick paneling on the foundation and the shingling in the gables. This one is my favorite!

And since I can’t resist an opportunity to shop, of my favorite things about this hobby was collecting dollhouse furniture for my own personal dollhouse (the big yellow beauty right above).


My dining room. There are a few pieces in here that I bought when I was 12.


The master suite.


The living room. Maybe this is where my love of gallery walls began?


Close up in the living room.


Dinner for two in the kitchen!


I loved my mini orange colander of fruit!


The laundry room was upstairs by the play room. Not convenient for the doll people, but the only place it would fit:P I had planned to print out mini borax and detergent boxes (there are TONS of free printables online for dollhouses – foods, household items, etc. that you just cut out and glue/tape together) but never got around to it.

If you’d like to see even more pictures, these are all from our Tiny Homes By Design Facebook page. (Yes, we have a Facebook page. That makes it legit! LOL)

You’re probably wondering what sparked this walk down memory lane…well, I’m thinking about starting the business back up! I’ve been doing a lot of research recently on the prices of different dollhouse kits and decorating materials, and I really think I could make it work. It is such a great outlet for our creative energy. We can make as few or as many as we like, fitting the building around our busy schedules. It’s not a done deal yet, but I’m sure having fun dreaming about it:) Do you have any shelved hobbies that you’re thinking about picking back up?




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