One step forward, two steps back

After yesterday’s fabulously informative (and slightly cocky) post on surviving life with multiple furry friends, I just had to share my Facebook status from this morning:


I called The Hubs on my way to work to vent and we decided that Chloe’s going to puppy boot camp. She’s just not getting that “outside time” = “pee time” not “play time”! In the 20 unsupervised minutes Chloe had while I got dressed for work she managed to spread chemical warfare across the living room and kitchen floors. All I have to say is…thank god for hardwood. It is so forgiving (more so than momma).

So, I’m taking my own advice. If she doesn’t pee/poop while she’s outside, she’s going right back into the crate. She’s going to howl and whine and bark but I’ve got to suck it up and get this girl trained. Potty outside = good. Potty on the kitchen floor (especially in several little puddles just waiting to be stepped in and tracked across the room) = bad. BAD BAD BAD. As long as momma has her morning dose of coffee and advil and her evening dose of wine and advil (should I be combining those two?) I’ll get through the barking crazy somehow.



P.S. If you check out my “The Zoo” tab – I’ve finally updated it with pics and bios on all of our dogs! I’m still working on pages for Mellie, the chickens, and the finches. My dogs are so rockin’, they get their own webpages=)


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