Hawaii bound! I wish.

Well guys, it’s settled. I’m moving to Hawaii!

Okay, I WISH I was moving to Hawaii. I just had the best, most fun weekend of the year and I’m attributing it to the glorious 70-degree weather! I threw open all the windows in the house, vacuumed, swept, mopped, and washed all of the rugs and slipcovers in the house. I also washed our sheets & comforter, cleaned both bathrooms, and started in on washing the outsides of our windows.


Chloe helped by laying around the house, looking adorable.

The Hubs serviced our lawnmower, picked up a tiller from my parents’ and started breaking ground for our vegetable garden. I swept & hosed off the front porch, wiped down our outdoor furniture, and even had time to paint the porch ceiling! I’ll blog more about that later since it got dark before I could get the “after” pictures, but it looks smashing.


I custom-mixed the “haint blue” color for the ceiling using two blue paints that I found in the garage.

We did all of that around the house and still had time for vet appointments Saturday AM, my art class Saturday afternoon, and Chloe’s first puppy class at 4 (which she mostly slept through. I’m not kidding).


She also slept on my lap on the way home.

We ended up back at my parents’ house on Saturday evening for a hotdog-and-s’mores roast and bonfire.


Chloe got to meet the peeps!


Mercy’s hair blends in with Chloe’s, how weird is that??

On Sunday we mostly worked outside, with a break for grilled pork chops, and then had our own bonfire before calling it a night.


These guys were clearly exhausted.

Now, imagine if all of that could be done every single weekend, YEAR ROUND! HGTV House Hunters was on last night while we were eating dinner and it showcased couples relocating to Hawaii. Apparently the temps are 75-80 year round. Get this- the only way they judge seasons is by the position of the sun (as in, you’ll get lovely sunrise views from this window in the winter. Right before you grab your sunscreen and walk 20 yards to the beach)! I love this soft Spring warm weather, I feel so productive and fresh and energized – I can’t even imagine the luxury of having that green & warmth every day, all year. When the show mentioned how most of the houses don’t have A/C because when they keep the windows open the trade winds blow through, I was sold. I would keep the windows in my house open for fresh air all year if I could! I love it that much.

Seriously, does anyone want to go halfsies on a Hawaiian condo with me?




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