Introducing… Chloe!

Over the past few months – really, ever since we adopted Luke & Leia in September last year – The Hubs has been asking for another dog. He wants one that he can take for walks and train to run around the field with him while he’s working on projects outside. Our doxies are so small and fast, we can’t let them outside of the fence. Cruiser has run off twice already! I told him I was fine getting another dog but I wanted to wait a little while. The puppies needed time to mature and our finances needed time to recover from the washer and dryer. We tossed around the idea of getting another older dog rescued from a puppy mill like Emma, and The Hubs suggested adopting a golden retriever. They are beautiful, gentle, loving, BIG dogs! The Hubs’ parents have a golden (golden retriever/yellow lab, actually) and she is a gentle giant. I was still enamored at the idea of adopting an older rescue dog, even possibly a senior, so I contacted a Golden Retriever rescue located a couple hours from our home. Unfortunately, the rescue was volunteer staffed and doesn’t adopt out this far. Resigning ourselves to waiting until we could find one closer to home, last Saturday we ran by PetSmart to pick up some dog food.

Dog food was the only thing on my list, I swear.

You know how PetSmart has “Adoption Events” on Saturdays and Sundays for local rescues? Well they were having one that Saturday. The Hubs really can’t help himself, he gloms on to the quietest, biggest dog he can find – a hound dog mix with beautiful sad eyes. While he’s walking and playing with her, I moved down the line of kennels, petting and baby-talking every fluffy hilarious canine in sight, hoping they get good happy homes soon. And then, a pretty baby caught my eye. She was curled up asleep alongside a little black puppy, completely passed out in the middle of all the crazy chaos. I checked her papers – ZOMG IT WAS A GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY.

At PetSmart.

A day after that meanie-head rescue told me we couldn’t adopt one of their goldens.

Finances be damned, we took her home!


Meet Chloe! She’s a golden retriever Siberian husky mix, 11 weeks old.


Luke & Leia weren’t too sure about this new puppy.


Once everyone sniffed her butt they felt a LOT better. LOL!


Is it playtime now?


Chloe decided she’d had enough and tried to climb my leg. Let’s just say…”off” is the first command on our list.


It’s easy to think she’s older than she is, because she’s the same size as our full-grown dogs right now. But she gets tuckered out easily!


So far she prefers to observe the puppy playtime.


She sleeps, a LOT. Her little legs are shaved because when she was found abandoned on the side of the road, she was so emaciated and dehydrated that the vet had to give her IV fluids. Her foster mom had kept her for 4 weeks until she was old enough to be spayed and fattened her up for us:) We adopted her at her very first adoption event!


The problem with all of this adorable sleeping is that when it’s BEDTIME she yowls like a maniac. That would be the husky in her! Her foster mom didn’t crate train her at all, so she’s still getting used to being shut up at night. And we’re getting used to having a crying puppy again.


She falls asleep in the darndest places!


Like under the couch.


You know you’ve “arrived” when eating dinner becomes a show. Stick around, pups, for the 10PM munchies curtain call!


I think she fits right into this family just fine, don’t you? ❤

If you’re thinking we’re crazy for adopting yet another puppy, especially one that will grow BIG, you’re in good company! I keep having moments where I think, “Oh crap. What did I get myself into this time?” and “I knew we should’ve gotten an older dog! Puppies are crazy!” (that’s usually after we’ve put Chloe to bed and she’s screaming – literally screaming – from her kennel) and “Well, the credit card is maxed out. What are you gonna do about that?” And then I stop and breathe, and remind myself that this is what we do. Mark & I do crazy, seemingly irresponsible, budget-blowing things – and we always make it! We pour ourselves into the things that are important to us. In this case, it’s dogs. Seriously, DOGS. These guys didn’t choose to be born, they didn’t choose to be abandoned in crappy situations, but we chose to rescue them, love them. They deserve happiness just as much as we do.




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