Monday update

First and foremost, my blogging pal Kristen Van Loon over at Space-Lift nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks, girl! According to Google, “versatile” is an adjective that means “able to adapt of be adapted to many different functions or activities. Changeable, inconsistent.” (the funky spelling, which I love because it always looks like klingon, is: ˈvərsətl, in case you were curious) My blog pretty much fits the definition of versatile, in that I blog about a great many Important Things, from home decorating to DIYs gone wrong to What I Made For Dinner. It’s fun, not being tied down=)

versitle-blogger-1-1I almost like this award better than the sparkly pink crown. Look at the typefaces! I do love a fabulous typeface. Anyway, “rules is rules” and here they are:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank and link back to the person that nominated you.
  3. State seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. (yeesh, I’m gonna fudge on this one again)
  5. Notify the bloggers of their nomination by linking to a specific post.

So without further ado, yet another “7 Completely Random Things You Most Likely Didn’t Already Know About Me”

  1. Smelling cinnamon gives me a headache.
  2. I’m scared of children. Seriously, they intimidate me! They do the darndest things at the randomest times and are completely unpredictable.
  3. I’m not really a fan of “seasonal” decor. You won’t see me decorating my home for Easter, July 4, Halloween or Thanksgiving! Basically, Christmas is it for us.
  4. I dislocated my left shoulder a few years ago while watching The Walking Dead. A scary bit made me jump & flail and it popped right out! I’m still not sure if the emergency room people believed my story or not.
  5. I have super-sweet blood. In a not-creepy way! In the summer whenever I am outside – even for only a few minutes – I will inevitably end up with several mosquito bites. My personal best is 13 bites in 20 minutes.

My list of nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award is the exact same as my list for the previous award, minus Kristen, because she nominated me this time around=)

  1. northstory
  2. TBN Ranch
  3. Ph.D.s and Pigtails
  4. Crafting Glass
  5. When Sheep Go Moo
  6. Fine Frugality
  7. 2 Sisters Anytown USA
  8. Nuts and Bolts

Here’s a question for y’all. Does it make me a terrible person that I don’t actually read that many blogs? Don’t get me wrong, I read blogs all day long, searching for “DIY curtain ideas”, or “plywood ceiling” or “schoolhouse light fixtures” – and I get tons of great ideas (and laughs) along the way, but I rarely click the “follow” button. It’s not that I’m not interested in other bloggers’ stories, or that I don’t care that you’re having troubles deciding which tile to put in your bathroom, it’s just that my brain is SO FRIGGIN FULL of stuff already, I like to put new stuff in it on my terms. I’ve googled “DIY kitchen renovation” and “painting a toilet” and “how to clean mold off a deck” and you guys are amazing and save my butt every time. But I reserve the right to google you when I feel like it.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can fill you in on the weekend. In fact, I can tell you everything you need to know about my weekend in two pictures:


photo 1


photo 2

Before the deluge began, we spent our sunny, cloud-less, mid-fifties gorgeous Saturday working on our Operation: take back the yard. We chainsawed the fallen tree & burned it in a smaller-ass bonfire (truly, it was an epic smaller-ass bonfire), cleared the branches and thatch from the back, front, and side yards (and burned that, too), moved the chicks from their small cage in our back room to a larger pen in the garage, scooped up all the doggy doo from the front yard and threw it on the blackberries (free mulch!), and cleaned out the garage (burning a lot of the stuff we didn’t want, old bits of boards and things). Here’s how epic the bonfire was: Mark started it around 10AM on Saturday, and at 10AM on Sunday morning it was still smoking, despite a steady sprinkling rain. WE BURNED EVERYTHING AND IT WAS AMAZING. The Hubs even burned his eyebrows and eyelashes…now THAT is a funny story! We ended the day by having a few friends over, pulling chairs up to the fire pit, drinking a few beers, and making fun of The Hubs for his iTunes playlists. Get this, the man has The Little Mermaid soundtrack cozying up to Gagnam Style and Thrift Shop by Macklemore. What a nerd!

Hopefully that blissful description of Saturday explains why I was so crestfallen to wake up to pouring rain and freezing temps on Sunday. The Hubs turned it around by proclaiming that we were going to stay in our jammies and watch TV all day! And so, after showering off the bonfire smell (oh, and washing the sheets…that smoke smell is potent!) and putting on my favorite Pink sweats, we spent the day eating leftover pizza, puzzling over NCIS reruns and eventually tossing back a few episodes of Dr. Who.

…And then Monday happened. Would anyone care to explain why IT IS SNOWING right now?? What, you’re as confused as I am? Good. Spring needs to get with the program and warm up already. That’s all.




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