Man, er, chicken down!



unknown – March 18, 2013**


She made good eggs.***



* At least, I think it was Posey. All of the black hens look alike to me! She (and her delicious eggs) will be missed.

** Death was not kind to her. I took a picture to text to The Hubs when I found her this morning, but it’s so traumatizing that I decided not to show it, so this is a cartoon picture. You’re welcome.

*** But not good life choices. Somehow she got herself shut outside and I found her in the mud, stiff and water-logged (we had a crazy storm last night) when I went to open the coop this morning. It was pouring when I closed the coop up yesterday so I didn’t check the pen…I mean really. What kind of chicken voluntarily stays outside in a rain storm? Maybe this was just natural selection at work, the poor hen was too dumb to risk possibly procreating. Or maybe she was the lowest hen on the pecking order and was chased out of the coop before I got there. Either way, it’s sad=( We’ve had chickens for over a year and this is the first one we’ve lost.


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