It’s done? Oh good. Now I can go back to sleep.

So I’ve been running around crazy this past week trying to get everything finished before next Monday, the day The Hubs gets back in town. You’d think, given the number of times my projects have taken longer than they were supposed to, I’d be used to it by now and plan accordingly. Nope! I had 18 (well 19 counting his travel time) days in the house alone, and this was the list I came up with at the beginning:

  1. Take down living room gallery wall
  2. Spackle and sand nail holes
  3. Paint living room walls
  4. Spray paint picture frames
  5. Get new pictures printed out at Walgreens
  6. Put up new living room light fixture
  7. Put gallery wall BACK up
  8. Take down kitchen cabinets
  9. Deal with mess of wall BEHIND kitchen cabinets (in this case, replacing the wall altogether with beadboard)
  10. Replace fugly over-stove microwave with something smaller & cute
  11. Stain boards for kitchen shelves
  12. Put up open shelving in kitchen
  13. Put dishes back onto kitchen shelves
  14. Hang artwork in kitchen
  15. Make curtains for kitchen
  16. Put up spotlight fixture over stove
  17. Put up new radio/iPad mount on shelf by stove (so I can view recipes while I cook, because I’m cool like that)
  18. Organize pantry with new tupperware bins for dry goods (I’m so ready for this)
  19. Organize remaining cabinets

Oy vey. And that’s not even counting the regular mopping, sweeping, slipcover washing, laundry folding, and dog, cat & chicken feeding that takes place on a day to day basis (okay, I don’t really wash the slipcovers daily. It’s more like bi-weekly on that). Sure it’s a lot but I like to stay busy when I’m alone, plus this way I could avoid The Hubs’ complaining as I cheerfully ripped the house apart. I was planning to have everything done by today so that I could relax this weekend, get my nails done, hang out with my family, and generally have a normal weekend sans projects. But then? This happened.


Grumpy Cat is The Hubs’ favorite meme.

Yeah, I got sick. Not just the, “feeling under the weather, have a headache and am going to bed early” kind of sick, but the “projectile-vomiting violently enough to make your ribs feel broken, don’t even think about food or else you’ll vomit again OH GOD” kind of sick. So I’m currently only to number 12 on that list. And I *may* have called The Hubs a few times begging him to come home and take care of me so I could just crawl into a hold and die without worrying about who’s feeding the puppies or when they last went potty. Unfortunately he couldn’t, and I only succeeded in making him feel bad too. Hey, I am not responsible for my actions when I am under the influence of Pepto Bismol and 7-up! Luckily my illness was accommodating in that it didn’t strike until after my mom and I had painted the beadboard, and after taking yesterday off work and sleeping approximately 7 hours straight I had enough energy to help my dad put up the kitchen shelves last night.

I may be feeling better, but 7-up and saltines are going to be my BFF’s for a bit longer. No need to stress the old gastric system. What’s that? You want to see pictures of the kitchen, now that the shelves are done? Cool, ’cause I’ve got some.


No more green ceiling, whee!


I told my mom how weird it felt to be sitting in a spot where no one has ever sat before, and she suggested taking a picture. Here it is.


So I took one of her, too.


We decided to paint the bit of wall behind the fridge to help it blend in with the beadboard.


Uggh, I HATE the chaos that gets thrown around the rest of the house when I’m deep into a project.

So that was painting. I could’ve done it by myself, but my mom looooooves to paint, and we enjoy our girl time, plus she usually brings chocolate (and she did not disappoint, this time it was chocolate-covered blueberries, which are divine manna and food of the gods). Next was putting up the shelves themselves. I had purchased 1″x12″ white pine boards at Lowe’s the week before and had them cut down to size before even leaving the store. I found the black metal brackets at Home Depot for something like $1.50 apiece and I used 9. I used RustOleum’s Dark Walnut stain (it only took a quart) and put two thin coats on each board. After they were sanded and the edges knocked off I painted on a layer of stain, waited about 30 seconds and then wiped it off with a rag. After it dried for about an hour I repeated the step, and then finished with two coats of RustOleum’s soft touch matte polyurethane finish. The boards had several days to cure before we put them up, but the labels said they could be usable after 48 hours.


We first laid out each board and measured where we wanted the brackets to go. We went with 7″ in from each end. Then we’d make marks through the screw holes on the brackets with a pencil. The puppies were a very flattering audience=)


Then, with a super-narrow drill bit, dad drilled the screw holes exactly where we wanted them to go.


He put a bit of tape around the drill bit to tell him when he was getting close to going through the board…definitely don’t want to drill straight through your shelf!


Then we screwed the brackets onto each shelf.


This was our first shelf! We leveled it, made marks for the bracket screw holes, used a drill to start the holes, and then screwed it up! At this point, I knew I had a successful project on my hands. Look at those contrasts!


After they were all up. I decided not to shelve all the way across the stove because I know that cooking vapors and grease tend to build up on shelves that close to a range. Plus, this way, I have room to put a painting up there! (Not an actual painting, I know that sh*t melts. Something fake, of course)


After clearing the counters and putting away the tools I was too exhausted to bring out any dishes from the back room (everything from the cabinets has been stashed on the craft table in Mellie’s room, by the way), so I took a picture and called it a night.

Readers, when I’m too tired to start accessorizing the shelves in my kitchen that I have been fantasizing about for forever THE MINUTE they’re put up, it definitely means I wasn’t feeling well. Also, this lingering pooped-out-ness means I may need to rethink the rest of my list. There are some things that I can definitely put off! I’m thinking that the kitchen curtains can wait a week, as can putting up my fancy new kitchen radio. I’d love to have it up, but the chicks’ cage on the counter is kinda in the way of where I want it to go. The Hubs assures me we can kick the chicks out to the garage soon and my radio wait until then. Also, organizing the pantry and cabinets? Isn’t that, like, spring cleaning or something? Call me old-fashioned, but I’m going to wait until it stops SNOWING to do my spring cleaning. So I can check those off for now, too. Isn’t this fun? I’m getting so much done, and I’m just sitting here=)




5 thoughts on “It’s done? Oh good. Now I can go back to sleep.

  1. It is so beautiful, Hannah! And you are so cute sitting there painting, in that spot no one has ever sat before. Great job, your honey will love it. Especially that it is DONE. Glad you’re feeling better, too.

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