Beadboard upgrade

Considering that today is day 13 of The Hubs’ absence, I am doing remarkably well. After suffering through last Monday’s “don’t-even-think-about-talking-to-me-unless-you’re-offering-a-prozac-drip” mood, I knew I needed to break out the big guns in order to keep that from happening again. In this case, the big guns were getting things done. I don’t just mean doing laundry, washing dishes, and dusting (although that did happen), I mean getting things done. There’s nothing I love more than waking up on an overcast Monday morning to a clean & cozy house, lunch ready in the fridge for the next few days, the pantry stocked with dinner ingredients, the puppies bathed, living room rug and slipcovers freshly washed, and oh yeah, a back bedroom full of nicely stained wood shelves ready to be put up in the kitchen! That reminds me, the best thing about waking up this Monday morning was that THERE WAS NO MORE PLYWOOD IN MY KITCHEN.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that means you missed last Friday’s post tellingly-titled “Demolition Zone.”

Not only did the demolition hit hard in the middle of my kitchen, it also slammed home in the middle of my spirit. Taking down the cupboards to reveal a paneling-and-plywood battlefield was NOT in my plan, not in a million years. I wouldn’t have been more crushed if someone had taken a bulldozer to a playground while I was still swinging on it. Overly dramatic? Highly likely! But that’s what it felt like. Stop sniggering, I’m being serious. Not even discovering a cutesy smiley face or the home-renovator’s version of carving initials into a tree could raise my spirits.


You’re only smiling because you know you’re getting ready to screw over the next homeowner, jerk.


Austin James Gill, I hate your guts. 2010 was a terrible year.

Well, I solved this problem with a Visa, again. After dropping $90 at Lowe’s I felt considerably more optimistic about this project. My dad, two of my younger sisters, and one of their friends came over on Saturday to tackle what was quickly becoming my Waterloo. My Guadalcanal. My Tet Offensive. (yes, I did just Google “famous battles” to find examples for my comparison. Judge me if you like, but so many other classes took precedence over history in college!)

Step 1 was to remove the rest of the paneling from this section.

We decided to clear an area spanning from the left side of the countertop, around the corner and right up to the window edge. The cheap paneling was pretty easy to remove.


Mermaid and my dad, working hard.


This side had to be scored in order to snap off the paneling.

Step 2 was to put up the beadboard sheets.

I was immensely helpful with this step, everyone said so. I helped measure and mark where the outlet holes needed to be cut.


He may be working the saw, but my awesome drawing skillz told him where to cut.


Damn I’m good!

Because our walls are so wonky and out-of-plumb, in order to get the beadboard lines level up and down the paneling ended up being stair-stepped. Each sheet was put up a half-inch higher than the one before it. Is that weird or what? 


Looking good!

Step 3 was to trim out the walls.

We had bought some 1 1/4″ shoe molding that kinda-sorta matched the stuff already up. Top and bottom were trimmed to cover the funky beadboard placement.


Yayyyy, no more plywood!


This picture cracks me up. Can we get a few more colors or textures in there, please?


Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement.


We had enough beadboard left over to do this little bit, too. I think it ties the pantry in with the rest of the kitchen really well.

The last step is all me. I have to caulk, spackle, and sand a gajillion nail holes, and then paint the trim, ceiling & beadboard my favorite crisp semigloss white (Olympic kitchen & bath paint, hollaaa!). Instead of caulking & painting yesterday, I decided instead to go ahead and stain the shelves. I stained them with two coats of a Rust-oleum wood stain and finished with two coats of a matte-finish poly. I’ll post more on them later, I wanted them to have plenty of time to “cure” before putting them up (on the calendar for this coming weekend, if you were curious). I’ll publish a final breakdown of this project once the whole thing is complete=)

Since it wouldn’t feel like a proper blog post without a puppy picture, here’s one I took Saturday evening after the crazy died down. Maybe all the sawing and hammering scared Luke? He’s completely swaddled up in that blanket. These guys crack me up!






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