Demolition zone

A good alternate title for this post would be, “Oh god, gimme a paper bag before I hyperventilate.” Or, “How to completely blow your renovation budget.” Or, “Biting off more than I can chew, again.”

Up until last night, this was my kitchen:


Then, in my quest to have open shelving like in this picture:


I had my dad come over last night and help me take off the kitchen cabinets. Afterwards, my kitchen looked like this:

photo 1

Yeah, this wasn’t the plan. For some reason, the idiots who renovated our home before we purchased it did not think it was necessary to panel the wall BEFORE installing the cabinets. Rather, they installed the cabinets and precisely cut the paneling to fit around them. I now have a cupboard-shaped hole in my kitchen wall’s paneling. Also, check out the sweet bright green ceiling that I discovered when we removed the cabinets! Who paints their ceiling electric green?? At least the ceiling texture extends all the way to the wall, all I should have to do to blend the ceiling in is paint it white.

When we took the first cabinet down last night and realized the bad news about the paneling, I knew I still had to go through with the project. It was like ripping off a band-aid, or an excavation dig where I really, really did NOT want to see what was underneath. I imagine that’s how I’d feel watching watching a train wreck. It’s so awful, but you can’t look away. The ugly keeps going on and on and on…

Anyway. I almost cried. But we have a new plan! And that new plan involves completely blowing my kitchen budget. See if you can figure out the plan from my Lowe’s shopping list.

Buy at Lowe’s:

  • 2 sheets of 4’x8′ beadboard paneling
  • 8′ 3″-wide board, cut to 2 4′ lengths
  • 10′ 3″-wide board, cut to 2 4′ lengths and 1 2′ length
  • 1-1/4″ shoe molding, about 20 feet (for along the ceiling & countertop backsplash)
  • paneling nails
  • Olympic kitchen & bath paint in bright semigloss white (because I realized I’m nearly out)

Got it yet? The plan is to carefully remove *all* of the wall paneling in this area. Then, we cut down and nail up beadboard, starting from the left side of the countertop (by the fridge) and wrapping around the corner to end beside the left kitchen window. The 3″-wide boards are nailed vertically along each wall stud to give the paneling extra support. After I caulk the seams & paint everything bright white, the shelves are installed over top of the new beadboad paneling with each bracket on top of a 3″-wide board. The shelves will float out from the wall about 1/2″, but we’re doing it this way to give the shelves extra stability, considering that the beadboard is being installed directly over the plywood.

I cleaned it up some and put out our new countertop microwave, and this morning the demolition zone looks like this:

photo 3

I am so grateful that my dad has time free tomorrow to go shopping with me and put up this beadboard. I would be so depressed to live with my kitchen like this for longer than a couple of days.




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