Going grey

It’s Monday. Mondays suck even when The Hubs is here, so without him it’s 284629 bajillion times worse. There, I whined. Now I can write my post=)

I’m not gonna lie, I almost named this post “50 Shades of Grey” because I talk about grey paint, and would be referencing grey. I mean, if I saw a blog post titled “50 Shades of Grey”, you better believe I’d read it. It was a shameless plot for more readers I know…and that’s why I didn’t use it!

Anyway, I painted the living room on Saturday. It was a little hectic because I didn’t get started til 5PM, but we managed! I used Olympic ONE Paint + Primer color-matched to a Benjamin Moore color, Edgecomb Grey. I used an eggshell finish because I’ve realized I don’t need the sheen of semi-gloss on these walls. We spend a lot of time in this room after dark and our lamps reflect unnecessarily off the semi-gloss I had up previously. I picked Edgecomb Grey because of it’s neutrality and creaminess. It’s one of those colors that can look completely different depending on the time of day and light source. When we painted it on in the evening it looked distinctly grey, but in the sunlight the next day it was definitely a soft beige. Cool, huh?

I love the thickness of Olympic’s paint+primer and already had everything else I needed – edging brushes, painters tape, paint tray, spackle, sandpaper, and rollers, so this project cost a grand total of $24. It took two coats and few touch-ups with the brush to cover all the green in the paneling grooves. Oh, paneling. Eventually I’ll replace that ugly stuff.


After I took down all the pictures I stared aghast at the horrific mess I had created over the course of 3 separate gallery wall re-dos. Nail holes, peeling paint, gouges, and bits of command strip littered the battlefield.


That’s where my wall-mounted lamp had been installed…apparently it took 6 screws for The Hubs to finally decide it was securely mounted.


Since it was the weekend and I was tired of being alone, I had two of my lovely younger sisters over for the evening. They were great help corralling the dogs and painting, and didn’t complain a single time! (I’m sure that it had nothing to do with the Dr. Pepper and bagel bites on tap, or because I introduced them to the charming world of Pawn Stars on cable TV)


Mermaid loved the paint color so much, she decided to wear it=) It took the three of us about 4 hours start to finish, with several food & TV breaks while things dried.


After 1 coat. I taped off the doorways, but hand-edged along the ceiling & baseboards (which means you can’t look too closely at them, because they suck)


You would not BELIEVE how grungy the wall & baseboards were back in this section. Hooray for fresh, clean paint!


After 2 coats, it was starting to really look fabulous.


And in the morning sunlight after re-arranging the furniture, it looks sublime!


It is such a change from the crisp green. I LOVE the earthy moodiness of this grey paint.

photo 1

I haven’t put my pictures back up on the wall yet.

photo 2

I took a lot of pictures from this angle, for some reason.

photo 1

Oh yeah, I added a new light fixture. It is really IN YOUR FACE without my gallery wall to draw attention away from it. At least, I’m hoping the gallery wall will draw attention away from it. It’s just so black…maybe I should spray paint it. Anyway, more on that later.

photo 2

The morning sunlight made the room feel really BEIGE. Not a blah beige, but a warm, creamy, cheesy-potato-soup kind of beige. Delicious.

photo 2

This wall looks amazing! I love the change from the iridescent green. Also, my lemon-colored Legacy leather mini tanner is the greatest accessory EVER. It never takes a bad photograph=P


Yes, I know that’s technically a Christmas decoration…don’t hate me! I just love the way the bells jingle when the door opens. If I replace the ribbon with something more Spring-y, no one would know… Also, I painted the door. I was tired of it’s white grunginess.


I caught Cruiser curled up in a morning sunbeam, so he became a part of my photo shoot=)




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