What’s up with all the Pellegrino?

My decision to make some changes in our kitchen has had me browsing through oodles of pictures of lovely farmhouse kitchens, sleek white cabinetry, and exposed kitchen shelving. I’ve seen white cabinets, cream cabinets, door-less cabinets, open shelving, builders grade cabinets, custom cabinets, and cabinets with chicken wire stretched across the doorframes (how cool would THAT be? Seriously). I’ve seen butcher block countertops, granite countertops, corian countertops, and plywood countertops. I’ve seen subway tiles, industrial lighting, tabouret stools, potted plants galore, and rustic finishing touches. Yes, my eyes have taken all of this in, assimilated it, and turned out a design plan for my kitchen which is so fabulous, I want it to be done now. RIGHT NOW.

Yet through all of this delicious browsing I have noticed a disturbing trend.

Something is taking over our lovely french country cottage industrial-chic white cabinet-ed kitchens!

And that something, is:

San Pellegrino.


Photo from cape27blog.com


Ron Marvin design from decorpad


Holly Mathis Interiors from decorpad


Photo from the Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn on Houzz


Photo from Amber Interiors room tour on sadie + stella


Photo by This Old House, found on decorpad


It’s not pellegrino but it still counts. Photo from this post on blog.homes.com


Photo by Alice Lane Home Collection on Houzz.com


Photo from JPM Design


Not quite Pellegrino, but close enough. Photo from nookandsea.com

What do people DO with all that Pellegrino? Drink it? Surely not! I know for a fact that Pellegrino is non-palatable. While on vacation in Italy during college I quickly learned to ask for my water “without fizz”. The only time I’ve ever willingly downed fizzy water was after a sweltering hike through the Roman Forum that left me so dehydrated, I gulped down the first drink proffered by my server. At that point every fiber of my being was crying out for moisture so loudly that I would have thrown back a flat, lukewarm & day-old Guinness, thanked the man profusely, tipped extra, and sent him a ham at Christmas. 

Which brings me back to my question…

What’s up with all the Pellegrino?




3 thoughts on “What’s up with all the Pellegrino?

  1. Idk what’s up with it. Product sponsorship perhaps? Maybe it’s just one of those things, like how fashion bloggers always stand cross-legged. I felt the same way about carbonated water when I was in Germany, but I found that I liked the lemonade they made with it, and if it was added to fruit juice it was nice too and took down the calorie count, sort of like a white wine spritzer. So if somebody wanted to give me a nice kitchen filled with San Pelligrino, I would not complain.

    • I have a feeling you’re right. Most likely room stylists love the green color and pretty bottle shape, and use it as an accessory like the mountains of fresh flowers or plates of cupcakes I see in every home tour. Ooh, I should write a post about home styling cliches! Also, those drinks you mentioned sound pretty darn good:)

  2. This is hilarious! You’ve got one heck of an eye. You should become a detective. All I see is Oooh pretty cupboards as I’ve got the same taste as you in kitchens. ITA with you and the beer though. I have way less Pelligrino and a lot more wine bottle and Innis & Gunn empties on my counter.

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