Painting the fridge in T-minus 1

The votes are in! After I was exhorted by several different people to choose the turquoise option (out of red, turquoise, and pink) I finally picked out a shade and bought the paint! The fridge painting project is starting in T-minus 1 days:)


The winning fridge!

The Hubs and I were bopping around town yesterday running errands and such and I realized something – he’s going out of town for 4 days! I already knew that, but I stopped to realize what it meant. First of all, I will have 4 (well, 3.5) days of an empty house. No one to blanch when I start amassing paintbrushes or tossing around color cards, no one to whine when I break out the power drill, and no one to roll his eyes when I ask if anyone has seen the tape measure. I have complete DIY freedom! Also, with The Hubs out of the picture for 3.5 days I can forgo cooking his meat-centered dinners and nosh instead on salads and cereal, creating a surplus of grocery money for the week. Naturally, I hot-footed it to Lowe’s to spend my grocery money on paint.

The Sherwin Williams “Nifty Turquoise” from the color card looked a little too dark for my kitchen, so I picked out “Turquoise Tint” by Valspar instead and had it mixed in Olympic ONE Paint+Primer in semigloss. I chose semigloss because the fridge is in the kitchen (duh) and needs maximum wipe-ability, and the paint+primer because I’m lazy and don’t want to actually have to prime. 1 quart ran $12.00, and I snagged a couple fresh paint rollers while I was in the paint section. Total (after 10% military discount): $17 and some change. I also came THISCLOSE to buying a $5 gallon of grey paint off the mis-tint shelf. I love our bright & cheery leaf-green living room, but after living with it for over a year, I’m feeling like moving on. Grey is the color I have in mind, and $5 is a great price, but the mis-tint had a greenish undertone and I talked myself out of it. Oh well!


Valspar Turquoise Tint


An amazing bedroom makeover using Turquoise Tint, picture from here.


Picture from same link as above. My fridge is going to be adorable!

One of the tutorials that I read had the fridge primed with magnetic paint so that the extra layers of colored paint wouldn’t dilute it’s magnetism. Considering that our fridge is barely magnetized as it is (for example, brushing it lightly in passing results in an avalanche of artwork, snapshots, and magnets, tumbling straight into the gaping maws of 4 chew-tastic dogs) I’m doing away with magnets altogether and have decided to use my beloved Command Strips to attach clothespins to the fridge, clipping pretties up in cottage style (I’m making “cottage style” a thing. Like Gagnam Style, but with clothespins, antiques, and lots of white paint).

I’m so excited to get started! I would start as soon as I get off work but tonight is my Zumba workout. Zumba is such a crazy dance party that it is impossible to be productive afterwards. I barely have enough energy left to stand in a hot shower, and usually use my residual energy cells to inhale a bag of cheese puffs while watching Big Bang Theory re-runs. Before you judge me, my instructor says that my body burns calories 2x faster than usual for hours after doing Zumba…I interpret this to mean that my post-Zumba TV-watching-and-face-stuffing routine is actually a low-impact workout. You know, like walking, but more fun.

So anyways, the plan is to paint tomorrow! But now that I’ve got the color picked out, there’s something else on my mind. That thing would be, Ikea.

I will never understand why there are THREE Ikea stores in Chicago but none within a 4-hour radius of my home. It’s ridiculous. Who do I need to write to about this?? This travesty means that whenever I see an adorable room makeover involving several budget-friendly Ikea treasures, I tend to scream and throw something. Usually a computer mouse, although a throw pillow will do in a pinch. The gods have heard the wails of Ikea-deprived people like moi, and have invented a thing called “Shop Online”. I can’t buy everything that Ikea sells online, but my fave furniture (Ektorp, Hemnes, Expedit) and a few accessories are available! So yes, I scoured the entire Ikea website hunting out products with a “buy online” tag. What? It only took me an hour…or five. And that is how I found this pretty little thing:

raskog-kitchen-cart__0144044_PE304208_S4It is the RÅSKOG kitchen cart in Turquoise, $49.99. Shipping is only $10! That’s practically a miracle, considering that shipping a $350 Ektorp chair to my home costs $350. Guess who’s not buying an Ektorp chair… I love this little cart so much. The color almost exactly matches the Turquoise Tint paint for my fridge, maybe a tad paler. It is darling and retro and I MUST HAVE IT. But, where would it go? This question had me stumped for 3.5 seconds, until-


Thank you, Ikea, for solving my design dilemmas.


Both pics from Ikea

It’s the perfect place! I can tuck it away under a countertop and the cart can add a pop of cute without getting in the way! I already have an under-counter place picked out for it. See this dishwasher?

photo 1

We never use it! Partly because there’s just the two of us and we got used to doing dishes by hand at the apartment. Partly because I actually ENJOY doing dishes by hand and getting things all sudsed up and clean. And partly because the dishwasher is, pardon my french, a piece of shit. It takes over 2 hours to complete a cycle, and even then leaves soap gunk all over the dispenser and water spots on the dishes (even with jet dry). So we just don’t use it, and it sits there taking up valuable real estate in my teensy kitchen. Would it be absolutely terrible if I sold it on Craigslist? Maybe someone WANTS their dishes to have water spots! Can’t hurt to try, and maybe I’d get enough to cover the cost of the cart=P

photo 2

The footprint for the dishwasher space is just about perfect for fitting the cart. The opening is 24″ wide and 32″ high, and the RÅSKOG cart is 17″x31″. It will even have a little wiggle room!

photo 3

Is anyone besides me insanely excited to see how the fridge turns out? I think that turquoise needs to be my signature color. As in, it’s my birthday, what should you get me? Something TURQUOISE, of course! (It’s not really my birthday, that was just an example. You can still get me something turquoise though!^_^)




4 thoughts on “Painting the fridge in T-minus 1

  1. This: “my instructor says that my body burns calories 2x faster than usual for hours after doing Zumba…I interpret this to mean that my post-Zumba TV-watching-and-face-stuffing routine is actually a low-impact workout. You know, like walking, but more fun.” TOTALLY made me laugh out loud!! That’s my favorite kind of workout. 😛

    I’m excited to see how your fridge turns out – and oh, I just fell in love with that little kitchen cart. Too cute…

    I’ve spent the morning/early afternoon puttering around with the rest of my kitchen cabinets, taking off the doors and styling the contents. Oh boy! It’s a big undertaking, but I’d say I’m 3/4 of the way there, now!! It’s really exciting, and I loooooove having the open shelves!!

    Also, totally random, but I have Harry Potter, #7, part 1 playing right now to keep me company while H naps, and oh man, I am bawling my eyes out over Dobby. ❤

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