Decorating with DIY pennant banners

Pennant banners make me so happy. If Ben & Jerry’s awarded me a lifetime supply of ice cream, it would not make me happier than pennant banners. If a baby monkey showed up on my doorstep and called me Mama it would not make me happier than pennant banners. If I could suddenly move through time & space and went back to the exact time that Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner broke up and convinced them not to (they would make such beautiful babies!!), it would not make me any happier than pennant banners. Okay, that last one was a stretch. But anyways, pennant banners look fun & whimsical and can really make a space feel cozy and well-loved. I just love their quirky style! They are also very versatile.

Kitchen decor-


This image was saved on my iPad and I actually can’t remember the source.

Party decor-


Image from here.

Seasonal pennant banners-


Image from here.

Wedding decor-


Image from here.


Same source as above.

You can use different materials for different looks (like twine & burlap) –


Image from here.

Weatherproof outdoor decor-


Image from here.

Nursery decor-


Image from here.

If you’ve been following this blog for any time at all you’ll know how much I love decorating on the cheap. My hallway art display took only twine and clothespins! It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Anyway, a few weeks ago while I was out shopping with my sis at Joanne’s I decided to price materials for pennant banners. I ended up buying 3 fat quarters of quilting calico and a spool of red ribbon.

  • Fat quarters – $1.25 each (reg. $2.50, 50% off)
  • Ribbon – $1.99 for an 18′ spool of 3/8″ thick red grosgrain ribbon

Total: $5.75

The project itself was rather uneventful. I cleared off the kitchen table and hauled out the ironing board from the back room for even more workspace. It took me two evenings to complete because I was watching Dr. Who with The Hubs and kept getting distracted! We are just beginning Series 3 with the 10th Doctor, and I have to say, so far I am really missing Rose! I bawled like a baby when she ended up *SPOILERS!* being stuck in an alternate dimension of the world with no way to get back to the Doctor. 😦 Anyway, on evening 1 I ironed each piece of material, created a template, and cut out my triangles. I have no idea what size they are as I cut the template out of paper, re-cut, trimmed, and then traced it and re-cut it out of cardboard. Evening 2 was the laying-out and gluing evening. Actually, Dr. Who was evening 1 entertainment, evening 2 was The Mummy on TV. An oldie but goody! Ahaha, I just called The Mummy old…get it? An old mummy? It’s funny, because ALL mummies are old? Oh god. I should have stopped while I was ahead.


Supplies: material, ribbon, glue and pinking shears.


My first template.


The cutting went faster when I folded the material in on itself and ironed it flat. I was able to cut 4 triangles at once this way.


I had to lay the triangles flat and iron them again afterwards.


This was so easy. I just laid the triangles out face-up in a row. After running a bead of glue across the top of each one I pressed the ribbon onto the glue and let it dry.


These aren’t particularly weatherproof (for that you’d probably have to hem the triangles and actually sew them onto the ribbon) but they were fast & easy!


I made one super-long banner…


And two shorter ones.

I hung the pennant banners using Command Strips. I love those things. It was easier than little nails because I was able to stick them up, step back and evaluate, and then move them if need be. SO MUCH BETTER than making multiple nail holes!


This is where the long pennant banner went! Oh ugh, I haven’t painted over where the door hinges were yet.


Who DOESN’T want their laundry area to feel like a circus party?!


The picture is crap because I basically took it in the dark and had to seriously blow out the exposure to see anything, but this is where I put the two shorter banners. I experimented with hanging them higher or lower, and decided that joining them in the middle made the most visual sense.

1 3image_11

I’m not even bothering to make a tutorial because these were just so dang easy. The tutorial would literally be: cut triangles out of fabric and glue them onto a piece of ribbon, the end. I have tons of triangles left over but ran out of ribbon – for a change I could buy white, yellow or pink ribbon and use all one color, or only two colors, etc. I could buy one or two more fat quarters and be able to change the whole color scheme – the combinations are endless! HOORAY.




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