One fridge, two fridge, red fridge, blue fridge…

Why is it that “fridge” has a D in it while “refrigerator” does not?? That has been bugging me all weekend. Truly, my mind is occupied with great things;)

I’ve been thinking about refrigerators because I am tired of mine. We are pretty lucky to own a nearly brand-new refrigerator! When we closed on our house in September 2011 the sellers gave us a chunk of change for a new fridge, due to the fact that the one included with the house had died literally the week before.  It was just enough dough to cover a small, white, freezer-on-top basic refrigerator. Wasn’t that sweet of them? Seriously, if we had moved in and discovered a broken fridge on day one, I would have ripped someone a new you-know-what. That’s not very nice, but it’s true. 

So anyway, despite the fact that I am tired of my refrigerator, it is still nearly brand-new. There’s no way I can justify replacing it with something newer, shinier, or *sob* cuter.


End rant.

I’ve tried dressing it up- I’ve put a strip of chalkboard contact paper down one side, and also found an over-fridge cabinet on Craigslist for some extra storage. But none of these things distract from the fact that my cute unique kitchen has a giant white mass-produced behemoth in the middle of it. So, I’ve decided on a course of action! I’m going to sell everything in the house and use the money to buy a turquoise SMEG refrigerator. No, no…that’s not right. I’m keeping everything in the house, and painting the refrigerator. That’s more like it! There are several detailed tutorials online that cover how to paint a refrigerator. Apartment Therapy also has a couple of posts on painted fridges worth checking out. It all comes down to whether or not I have the guts to try it. Whenever we do upgrade our fridge down the road this one is going out to the garage for extra storage, so it’s not like I’ll ruin the resale value or anything!


It’s an old picture, but this is the fridge in question. Just your basic white fridge. In fact, I was looking through kitchen pictures trying to find a good one of the fridge just now and I realized something- I do not photograph the refrigerator! I only took this picture because Melanie was being so d*mn cute sitting on the couch arm. Apparently I dislike the fridge so intensely that it is hindering my photographing ability. HMM.

In order to pep-talk myself into attempting this project, I played around with a program called “Chip It!” by Sherwin Williams. It’s so simple. You just drag-and-drop an icon from their webpage onto your web browser’s bookmark bar. Then, when you’re browsing online and see a lovely picture and want to know what the colors are, click the Chip It! icon, roll your mouse over the picture, and it’ll pull up a custom paint chip just for that picture. I did it with several pictures of fabulous colored retro refrigerators. I’m waffling right now between turquoise, bright red, and pale pink.


Original photo from here.


Original picture from here.


Original picture from here.


Original photo from here.


Original photo from here.


Original photo from here.


Original photo from here.


Original picture from here.


Original picture from here.


Original picture from here.

Heck, it should only take 1 quart to paint the entire fridge – if I don’t like the color, change is just another $15 quart of paint away! Right now I’m leaning towards the turquoise. I feel like it would be too hard to color-match with the bright cherry red washer & dryer, and if my demo plan for later this year actually happens, the appliances will all be in the same room. Contrasting colors is better than kinda-sorta matching, IMO. What do you think? Can I pull it off?



3 thoughts on “One fridge, two fridge, red fridge, blue fridge…

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