It’s my precious…

They’re finally here! Best Buy delivered my new treasures yesterday. It was so exciting to watch my dream washer & dryer being unloaded and hooked up. Yes, I did just admit that I dream about washers and dryers! Bright cherry red front loading with all the bells and whistles (literally) – SWOON. We kept the old stacked unit to sell on Craigslist. It works great, we just do so much laundry that we got tired of restarting the dryer over and over to get the heavier loads completely dry. Plus, helloooo??? Energy saver certified? When you do 8+ loads of laundry a week (washing bedding & towels & floor rugs covered in dirt and pet hair, plus The Hubs’ work clothes, plus our regular clothes = at least 8 loads a week) saving on energy for each load will start to add up.


Out with the old… (this is me trying not to look like a creeper by taking pics of the delivery guys. it’s better if they don’t know, right?)

I wanted to take some time in between washers & dryers to paint the inside of the closet, but didn’t get around to it. If we had removed the old washer & dryer ourselves the day before I could have easily painted the tiny space, but honestly, I don’t feel bad that I missed the opportunity. The new set is so huge you can’t even see the closet walls! I DID take the time to sweep out the closet though. It was pretty gross.


Oh, yuck yuck yuck.

The delivery guys were awesome! We got off to a rocky start when I called to check on the delivery time and was told that our delivery had been rescheduled for Saturday. Mark & I had discussed rescheduling it, but had decided to go ahead with the Thursday delivery (and called 888-BESTBUY to confirm!) but no one had told these guys. They were nice enough to drive back out to the store to pick up our appliances at the end of their route. Melanie was proudly ensconced on the back of our living room chair during the swap – the dogs had been put up in their kennels and she was lording it over them. Anyway, they kept stopping to pet and chat with her on their trips back and forth to the door, it was sweet:)


And in with the new!

See what I mean? You’re so busy staring that the giant BAZONGAS that you don’t even notice the anemic wall color!


*cue angels singing*

It’s like a beautiful painting on my wall. A beautiful, functional painting. Okay, confession time… one of the main reasons I gravitated towards this set was because it was so, well, RED. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about them! So far I’m especially digging the Cold Wash cycle (gets clothes as clean as if they were washed in warm water!) and the extra-ginormous capacity. This was especially helpful after Emma wet the bed last night, as in, we were turning off our bedside lamps and she copped a squat, and I was able to load the entire king-size comforter straight into the washer. And dammit, I washed that baby on STEAM! It ain’t ever been so fresh!

The Hubs and I inaugurated our first ever run in our new washer by plopping our butts on the ground in front of it and watching. And giggling. For the entire hour. Actually, it took a little longer than an hour because we kept pausing the cycle to change the settings, just to see what it would do! Any videos taken of this event have been destroyed, but if you can imagine it may have looked something like this:


The color really pops.

I’m great with a ruler. I promise, I really am! I measured and remeasured to make sure that these suckers would fit in our anorexic-sized laundry closet. I may be good at measuring, but I sure suck at plumbing, or HVAC or whatever (see? I don’t even know what it’s called!). And I never claimed to be. So when it sounded like a 34″-deep dryer would fit into a 37″-deep closet no problem, after a 4″ air tube thingy was added to the back, it stuck out a little! I was prepared with my screwdriver and solved the problem by simply removing the closet doors. Hah! Einstein’s got nothing on me. These new guys are so quiet and we don’t even need noise-reducing doors.


My fatty fat fat washer & dryer.

Oh yeah… see that orange electrical cord in the picture above? That was another near-disaster. Our old unit had one plug that went into a 220 volt outlet. Our new units had one plug to go into a 220 volt outlet… and one regular plug for a regular 110 volt outlet. Guess what’s not in that closet? Yeah, a 110 volt outlet. So we snaked an extension cord down the hall to the washer and it will have to do for now. The Hubs’ brother is a certified handyman (like actually certified. He’s never blown anything up that I know of!) and we’re hoping he can help us install an outlet on one of the walls. Sidenote – my vehement declarations that we could install the outlet ourselves because you can Google ANYTHING and do it yourself!!!!!1!!!11 may have scared The Hubs just a teensy bit.


So many options!


Yes, I do love that Cold Wash TM button. Lol


The washer is smarter than I am. It knows how to wash wool.


How you like THEM apples?

As if all of that wasn’t enough to make me fall head-over-heels in love with an inanimate object (or rather, two inanimate objects), the washer and dryer sing to me when their cycles are completed. A happy little tune. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes me grin! Anything that can make me grin despite knowing that I now have to either switch the wash or fold a load of laundry is a blessing, truly. Does YOUR washer & dryer sing to you?? Skip forward to .37 for the main attraction, if you’d rather not watch 36 seconds of wobbly camera work. This isn’t our exact model of washer but it’s the same tune:)

That’s the story! I’m still trying to decide how best to decorate and organize the laundry closet. I’m leaning towards putting a few 6″ wide shelves along the left-hand wall. Just something big enough to hold the HE detergent and softener (by the way, am I the only one who adores Mrs. Meyers’ Clean Day detergent?), and maybe extra paper towels or cleaning supplies. I don’t actually do anything in the closet besides laundry, all the sorting and folding takes place on the kitchen table, so hanging pictures or installing a light is kinda overkill at this time. I’ve got a few plans in my brain right now involving things like barn doors and demo-ing a wall, but after splurging on this washer & dryer (cue angels singing, again!) my budget has shrunk considerably. Although, like I keep trying to tell The Hubs, demo-ing walls is free. You just take stuff out! Right?




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