It ain’t a tragedy if no one’s crying!

I just had the best weekend! I road-tripped it up to my sister’s home for a couple of days. We ate chocolate, drank wine, watched Downton Abbey, ate more chocolate, managed to fit in a couple episodes of Dr. Who, went shopping, and ate even more chocolate. Oh, there was a lot of gabbing involved, too. My niece is 3 years old and she is getting so BIG! I hate that we don’t live in the same town as them, every time I see her kiddos they’re so much bigger.

Basically, we have fun when we get together. But you already knew that! The main impetus for the trip however had nothing to do with my sister, Downton Abbey, OR chocolate. The main reason for the trip was Kiwi. I’m probably going to lose a couple blog followers for this post. Honestly, it’s a tough one for me to put out there.

…We found a new home for Kiwi this weekend.

There, I said it. I want you to know how ridiculously difficult it is for me to let a pet go to a new home! I get attached to my animals and it feels like I’m giving away a part of myself. We’ve rehomed animals before and I am always very cautious. We usually advertise through Craigslist and I screen applicants through several conversations. We like to see the home that they are going to, make sure the new owners have a veterinarian, and, in the case of high-maintenance animals like mini dachshunds or birds, make sure that they’ve researched the breed and understand their limitations. I still remember and miss every pet we’ve ever rehomed: Moscow, Merlin, Bailey. In Kiwi’s case, the bummer is that it wasn’t his fault that he had to go! He was everything that we wanted. This trouble was these little maniacs:


Ve vant your BLOOOOOOOD!!!

Especially the bugger on the right, Cruiser. He would go absolutely BONKERS whenever we had Kiwi out in the living room. Even just wheeling the cage into the corner was enough to start him hyperventilating. Cruiser would try to jump up on the cage Every. Single. Time. that our backs were turned. He would whine constantly, occasionally letting out a sharp bark whenever Kiwi screamed or flapped his wings. Physically detaining Cruiser on our laps had no effect – he would sit quietly but shake violently. As soon as we stood up he would be right back by the cage. It’s as if he had an anxiety attack every time the bird was close.

We tried everything! We tried leaving Kiwi’s cage in the living room 24/7 to “desensitize” Cruiser (no effect), we tried leaving the cage in the back room during the day and wheeling it out for a few hours every evening so that Cruiser would have a chance to calm down (no effect), we tried scolding Cruiser sharply every time he jumped up on the cage or barked at Kiwi (he’d look dejected for approximately 5 seconds before remembering that HEY THERE’S A BIRD!), we tried holding Cruiser on our laps the entire time Kiwi’s cage was visible (again, violent shaking).

I’m not making any of this up, and it went on for 5 straight weeks.

This, this is why Kiwi needed a new home.

After listing Kiwi on Craigslist I was contacted by someone who lives in the same city as my sister. She already had a cinnamon green-cheek conure and was looking for a second conure to be a companion for her first. She had managed to keep her bird (Turdy) alive already for several months which was a good sign considering how easy it is to accidentally kill birds. She texted me pictures of Turdy perched on her glasses, holding Turdy on her back, and giving her kisses. It became obvious that this was the right home for Kiwi!


Leaving Kiwi with his new mom & new little sister!

Not 5 hours after I had dropped Kiwi off at his new home I got the following picture of Kiwi & Turdy hanging out together:


Kiwi is so happy! He is already playing with his new friend! I seriously did burst into tears. I scared the crap out of my sister, but when she realized why I was crying she was comforting. She told me to remember that I can’t make every animal happy. (Although honestly why can’t I??) I know, I know, I said in the post title that no one was crying…but these are happy tears. Happy tears don’t count.

Kiwi’s new family was beyond sweet to me. She knew I was having a rough time letting him go, and over the next 24 hours texted me the following pictures of Kiwi playing with Turdy and being loved on:


Kiwi sharing his play gym with Turdy.


Kiwi eating his mommy’s hair.


Kiwi having grapes & apples with Turdy.


Kiwi letting himself be petted.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. As a pet owner, it’s not enough to just feed, home, and keep a pet safe & healthy- you also have to consider your pet’s happiness!

Kiwi and Cruiser were not happy together in the same home, and as their owner it was my job to fix it. So I did, and Kiwi is so much better off for it=) But I still love him and miss him.


Turdy & Kiwi, BFF’s. ❤




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