Evolution of a gallery wall, continued.

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am addicted to picture frames.

Somebody needs to stop me. I can’t help myself! It’s like doing crack… only in this case, crack = picture frames. Not that I’ve ever done crack, but if I DID, I think it would feel something like this. I love picture frames. Love love luuuuuurve them. And in my home, they go in one place, and that is on the gallery wall:

photo-21 photo-13

It just makes me happy!

I recently made an important decision regarding my gallery wall (hey, sometimes these things feel like life and death, you know?). Mark & I were bouncing around Lowes looking for something that I don’t even remember, and I happened upon a display of picture frames. There were 9 black wood frames – some with white mats, some without – stuffed into a box and going for only $25. Well, we weren’t there for picture frames that day, and I couldn’t convince myself to buy them. Fast-forward three weeks and I was convinced! Anyway, I had to decide- would these new frames be added to the existing gallery wall in the living room? Should I start a new gallery wall in a different room (possibly hall bathroom, or hallway itself)?

I decided to expand the living room gallery wall by *gasp* wrapping it around the corner of the room onto the wall “next door”. I felt like I had discovered gravity – until I googled “corner gallery wall” and realized that others had gone before me. Check out all the awesomeness:


Picture from this site.


Picture from this site.


Picture from this site.


Picture from this site.


Picture from this site.

Well, revolutionary idea or not, I sure had a great time putting up my new frames. Adding to the crack comparison, there was a moment where I found myself running around the house, frantically digging through closets and boxes searching for one, just one, ONE MORE PICTURE FRAME! I really needed to calm down. (I did find one more picture frame, FYI) The artwork I filled them with came from various websites, printed out on a color printer. Eventually I’ll pop these babies back down and add something more personal, photos or something, but right now they’re being cute placeholders. And guess what?? I didn’t use a single nail! Command Picture Hanging Strips are THE BOMB. The little sticky velcro strips cut down easily to fit the size of the frames. Then, when I go to replace the artwork, it’s super easy to get the frames on and off. I’m serious, Command Strips are best $8 I’ve ever spent!


I moved some of the “old” frames around so that the different colors were fairly evenly spaced.


I put the mirror in the corner so that it would reflect light from the wall lamp.


I love how the mirror not only reflects extra light, but also makes it look like the gallery wall goes on forever…


The “Nautical Flags” and bird nest prints seemed to fit the vintage-y feeling I was going for.


It absolutely cracks me up that there is a dachshund silhouette above the “Keep Calm and Bark On” print 😛


I had a collection of wine bottle corks sitting on my kitchen windowsill, and in a fit of (what I’m calling) genius I stuffed them into the shadowbox front of my IKEA “Ribba” frame. I could probably fill it up to the top easily… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  

In addition to the 9 frames from Lowes I added pictures of my niece & nephew that The Hubs & I received for Christmas, the large mirror that had previously been hanging over the entertainment cabinet, and the metal “N” from Urban Outfitters that used to be on my kitchen windowsill. The beauty of these Command Strips is that I can hang anything. I even stuck a pez dispenser to the wall and then challenged The Hubs to figure out what didn’t belong:P I want to add more non-picture frame items, like keys, cardboard animal busts, round mirrors, small paintings, or even un-framed polaroid photos.

The best thing about gallery walls is that the possibilities are endless!




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