New Year Resolutions: Cottage Style

Yes, that was a shameless reference to PSY’s Gangnam Style, which was basically song of the year for 2012. Hmm, that reminds me, 2013 needs a new song of the year! Any suggestions?


You’re welcome.

Anyway, I’ve been kinda-sorta following along with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. Here’s what they have to say about it:

We’re getting ready to get organized! For the first time in more than a year, we are running a group Apartment Therapy Cure. If you are ready to whip your home into shape, get it clean, organized and under control, we’re here to help – let’s do it together! Sign up below and we’ll send you emails from January 2 through February 1, giving you all the info you need to know to follow along, stay motivated and complete your assignments. By the end of January, you’ll be sitting pretty in a clean, fresh, organized home. We’ve even built in plans for a gathering of your friends on the first weekend in February to help you celebrate!

Plus, for the first time ever, one of our wonderful contributors, Tara, will be liveblogging the Cure as it unfolds, so anytime you feel like you need a “stick with it” boost or want an example of how it’s working for someone in real life who is taking part in the process, it will be there, in real time (Go, Tara, Go!)

Each email will include a link to a master post that will include an assignment, info, links, and more – everything you need to stay on task and hit your goal, delivered to your inbox throughout the month-long January Cure.

To join the January Cure, click through and subscribe your email address.

Anyway, Assignment 1 was to “make a list of projects.” (If you’re curious, Assignment 2 was to create an outbox, and Assignment 3 was to buy flowers, stock up on eco-friendly cleaning supplies, clean your house’s floors, and start using your outbox Assignment 4 was to get a fresh perspective on a room in your house by sitting in a place you don’t normally sit, for just 10 minutes. Yesterday’s Assignment, #5, was to pick one project off your list from Day 1 and complete it by the end of January.

I love lists! By “kinda-sorta” following the January Cure, I mean that I just completed Assignment 1 for Week 1. YAY ME!! Just because I love lists doesn’t mean I’m good at following through. But it’s a new year! I am all kinds of optimistic right now.

Here’s my list of projects for 2013:


~ Organize the pantry. We have 1 cabinet in our kitchen in which I store bread, snacks, baking supplies, and canned goods. Usually there’s enough room for everything, but 1 shelf has been taken over by tupperware storage & cleaning supplies, and another shelf is currently storing the bottles from The Hubs’ “home-brewed beer” experiment. While his experiment ended in success (yummy!) I have yet to reclaim the shelf.

~ Install our over-fridge cabinet. This poor cabinet has been sitting directly on top of our fridge ever since I got it off Craigslist over 8 months ago. In order to install it I have to pry a piece of trim off of the existing kitchen cabinets, and apparently that’s daunting enough to make me put it off for this long.

~ Install spice rack. My FIL made me the most darling wooden spice rack for my birthday (last August!) but since I couldn’t decide where I wanted it, we never installed it.

~Replace lightbulbs. In order to not temporarily blind myself every time I hit the switch, I want to switch out the 75-watt bulbs currently in the ceiling fixture with 60, or even 40 watt bulbs. Also, the two mini lightbulbs over our range burned out months ago, and I haven’t done anything about it. Bad Hannah.

Living Room:

~ Patch hole in ceiling. One of the guys accidentally chunked off a palm-sized piece of ceiling plaster during our roof installation last fall. It’s not super-noticeable and I still have the piece of plaster, I just need to find a way to, you know, REATTACH IT.

~ Buy storage for my decorating magazines. These sit out on a side table right now, and The Hubs just accidentally doused 3 of them in soda the other day. Sigh.

Master Bedroom:

~ Install a curtain in front of my lovely bohemian closet. While the organization is impeccable & adorable (I pat my own back frequently, it keeps me limber!), it puts a ton of visual WEIGHT into the room.

~ Install the floating nightstands more securely. Stud-finders don’t actually find studs in our thick plaster bedroom walls, so when we put up our floating nightstands, it was with a lick and promise. That probably needs to be fixed before they topple off, spilling any and all nighttime glasses of water.

That’s it for inside the house, besides the usual furniture rearranging and adding new sheets, picture frames, bric a brac, etc. I’m not touching the bathrooms except to clean/change out art & accessories (BEAR WITNESS!) and until I come up with a better use for the back two rooms, they remain Melanie’s cat room/book storage, and Kiwi’s parrot room/decor storage.


~ Start a compost pile. My mom gave me an adorable compost bucket for my birthday but the one time I actually remembered to use it instead of putting scraps in the trash, I then proceeded to completely forget about it. I didn’t empty it for a month. Needless to say, it looked like science had exploded by the time I finally remembered. Our chickens enjoy the standard vegetable/stale bread scraps, but as soon as we have it, everything else will go in a new compost pile:)

~ Keep a garden. Last year my garden consisted of a single ceramic pot of basil. It got fruit-fly infested so I set it on the porch, and promptly forgot about it. It did not survive. This year, I want to go all-out with a set of raised garden beds. The Hubs said he can make the easily with lumber from Lowes, and I’m psyched about the idea of having fresh homegrown veggies for juicing!

~ Install a backyard deck. This has been in my mind so much recently that I actually wrote an entire blog post about how much I love decks! I enjoy having friends over in the summer for beer & burgers, but our tiny house doesn’t fit lots of company. I want to have installed/install ourselves (haven’t decided which) a wooden deck along the entire back length of our house. It needs to be a minimum of 10 feet wide and have built-in tall posts for a porch swing or hammock. Also, there needs to be lattice in place of fence posts so that we can have the puppies with us and not worry about them jumping off into our un-fenced back yard.

~ Get rid of the brush pile. This should be explanatory enough! I don’t even care if we burn it or haul it off, I want it GONE.


…Okay, I think that’s it. For now. I’m super excited to start working on these! Do any of YOUR New Year Resolutions involve projects around your home?




4 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions: Cottage Style

  1. I want to paint my laundry room butternut squash color, and the hallway upstairs butter yellow and then probably the master bedroom some color and maybe touch up the living room and reupholster two sofa cushions and put fabric up on the bathroom door and then paint the basement bathroom after Josiah moves out in May. That’s all I can think of right off the top of my head. Love your blog posts!

    • Haha! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! I love that you are moving the house’s color scheme towards a warmer, more golden feel. Homes mesh well together when their room colors are all in the same family. (Meaning I should probably repaint a couple of my rooms…the colors are all over the place!) Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how things go! Keep me updated:)

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