it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a lamp?

I’m sure I don’t talk about my sister enough on this blog. She is a superwoman- going through grad school alongside her husband, raising two kids, and juggling work both inside & out of her home. I get random phone calls from her where she’ll talk me through her newest room layout, or ask my opinion on a decorating idea, and then veer off into a monologue about gender roles (they frustrate her) or her work (she loves it). Basically, we have fun, even when we can’t be physically together:) So I was super-psyched that they were in town this week!! She and I managed to sneak off for some rare alone time (by “rare”, I do mean “rare”. It’s almost unheard of in our family for two adult children to go out without a minimum of other children along for the fun). We rang in the new year in my favorite way- visiting the shops! We spent a good chunk of New Year’s Day (and our Christmas money) at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Lowe’s, Target, and my favorite local Mexican food restaurant. As if that doesn’t sound like enough fun, The Hubs decided to go and win the “Husband of the Year” award for 2013 on Day 1.


That’s my sugar daddy. LOL! J/k, I totally contribute to the family, I swear.

Well, then. That sounds like carte blanche! If someone tells me it’s okay to go overboard, I WILL GO OVERBOARD. And so, I bought this lamp.


Hi, I won’t bite your fingers or squawk all day. I’m the best bird ever!

It’s from the new Threshold line at Target. Threshold designs the most fabulous, one-of-a-kind looking things! I have an agreement with myself that whenever I find something so ridiculously amazing that it makes me gasp and practically fall over in a dead faint, I will buy it. I owe it to myself! And the economy! And the world! The lamp base was $45 and is only available in stores. I tried to find it online to link, but no dice! I browsed the lamp aisle further to see if maybe a simple *cough*cheap*cough* shade would be a suitable crown for this beauty, but ha! Yeah, he totally needed the new Threshold $25 persimmon and taupe graphic shade. My sister didn’t even mind that we spent about 14739 minutes in the home decor section, as she was also picking out a lamp. Of course, she chose a decidedly understated, simple, timeless lamp with a classy burlap shade- and MINE IS A BIRD. LITERALLY, A BIRD.


I love that orange against my pale green walls. I took the mirror down from the wall behind it as it was looking a little too busy. I already have plans for it’s new place- wait and see! 🙂

In honor of The Hobbit movie (that I saw on Christmas Day with The Hubs’ family- I love those people!) I’ve named him Bilbo. I tend towards masculine names when naming inanimate objects, although I’m not sure how masculine a cream-colored cockatoo with a lamp blossoming out of its head really can be.


When I’m not holding up this lamp, I like to take long walks on the beach name the constellations.


You know you want a piece of this sweet action.


My good man, I believe my totally rad orange lamp shade is clashing with the Christmas tree! Be a dear and put that out-of-season thing away, will you?

As if you already did have enough cause to trot out the bird jokes. Also, does anyone have any ideas of something simple & subtle to go on the wall behind the birdcage now? You know how much I hate to see a bare wall. The mirror just became too overpowering for the space. I’m open to suggestions! A fabric pennant banner, maybe? 




5 thoughts on “it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a lamp?

  1. In yesteryear there was a thing called Marimekko fabics – they were of Nordic drivation, I velieve – but the point was that one would stretch a graphic fabic over a frame and hang it as artwoerk. Something with green, orange and cream would be stunning. And if you can’t find such a thing, surely you could create something yourself on a plain canvas from Hobby Lobby.

    • Marilyn- I did a google image search for “marimekko” and my god, what beautiful patterns! I could even order a length of fabric online and hang it as a tapestry until I had the inclination to stretch it on a frame. That would be versatile art for just about anywhere. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I want this lamp too! I saw it 2 weeks ago. Now my target is sold out 😦 I am a woman on a mission until I find it. Theni will have to slip it into the decor and hope the hubby doesn’t flip out over *anther* bird item….but this one is soooo awesome!

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