An English cottage Christmas

The cool thing about writing a blog is that I can assume everyone else wants to talk about what I want to talk about! When my little fingers type up these posts, no one yells, but Hannah! That’s boring/overdone/seen it already! Nope, there’s just blissful silence, broken only by the ticka-ticka-ticka of the keyboard.

Today, I want to write about my favorite English cottage, decorated for Christmas. What’s that? You do, too? Sweet.

It should come as no surprise that my favorite English cottage is from a movie. This movie, in fact.


It just so happens to be one of the cutest, sweetest movies I think I’ve ever seen. I rarely buy DVD’s, but this one I snagged as soon as it was released! Iris is a single young woman who works at a large company in London, commuting daily to her job from her home in picturesque little Surrey. She is a hopeless romantic, which translates into her being hopelessly in love with one of her co-workers. The premise of the movie is unrequited love/finding yourself. With that context in mind, check out the pictures of Iris’s house from the movie:


A fairy tale English cottage! I love the chimneys on either end of the house, and the colonial style porch over the front door. You can imagine that it has been here forever.


A still from the movie. You can see where Iris hung a real evergreen swag with a bright red bow on the front door. It’s very traditional, and very festive!


The entryway. I love everything in the following order: the fabulous, character-rich front door, the exposed beams, the umbrella rack & wellington boots, and the pictures topsy-turvy on the walls. SO CUTE!


The living room. It is so lovely and feminine! My absolute favorite part is the blue velvet tufted ottoman. I want one so badly! The profusion of throw pillows & lady-like patterns on the curtains & upholstery make it obvious that a woman lives here.


This is another screenshot from the movie. I love how the stone fireplace facade makes the whole scene look so very rustic. She decorated for Christmas by simply swagging a garland over the fireplace.


An English cottage kitchen! The stone hearth is decorated for Christmas with another swag. I can’t get over how COZY this room is! The open shelves are cluttered, the cabinets painted blue, there’s a rolling industrial shelving unit in the corner, and still room for a table in the middle. But it doesn’t feel cluttered, it feels cozy! I need to get this feeling in my own home…


This is the library room. I LOVE how the bookshelves are built over the door. Many reading nooks that I see in people’s houses aren’t nearly as comfy looking as this one!


Iris’s bedroom. Her wrought-iron bed looks almost exactly like the one we had in our guest room until recently. There’s another fireplace, several lamps, mismatched nightstands (one looks like it has an Ikea basket underneath?) and pictures randomly scattered across the walls. Again, this room is full-to bursting with books, blankets, and personal memorabilia- but instead of coming across as cluttered, it has such a lived-in, cozy vibe!


The bathroom. This is the only room that I wouldn’t see working out for me. I have to have my showers! But check out the details- a painted checkerboard pattern on the wood plank floors, an antique-style dresser serving as a vanity, a feminine sconce on the wall & a table lamp (in a bathroom!) for extra light. Although practically speaking this room isn’t my fave, I definitely enjoy the hominess.


The cottage at night. If this were our home, The Hubs would have already attacked that front fence with Christmas lights, and just about every edge of the house would be sparkling! But this is quite lovely, too, with only a dusting of snow for decoration. 

All of those pictures are  from this article. Click through if you’re interested in seeing how Iris’s cottage was built specifically for the movie. Did you like that tour as much as I did? 🙂




3 thoughts on “An English cottage Christmas

    • Meee, too! I love it so much more than the huge modern house in CA. I want to curl up in her library room with a mug of tea and a good book for a few days! Too bad the whole thing was a set, or else my life goal would be to buy that little cottage.

  1. Love it Hannah! Our den has lots of books like that; I wanted to build floor-to-ceiling shelves, but Uncle Tim said it made him feel claustrophobic. 😦 Our front entryway (outside) is something like the one pictured (it overhangs and has the 2 posts on either side) but the top just follows the slant of the roof instead of going opposite direction of the roof. I think I’ll ask Uncle Tim if we can change it, ’cause that one is MUCH nicer!

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