My lips are sealed

Preface: I LOVE MY HUSBAND. Period. He’s a hilarious goofball and that’s why I married him. He puts up with my crazy shenanigans and does cute things like this and I wouldn’t trade him for anything! (Not even for the shirtless Channing Tatum that I may or may not have pinned on Pinterest….several times)


With that said.

The Hubs was a total jerk this past weekend.

How do I know this? Well, for starters, I was there when it happened. And also, I now own this lovely piece of equipment:

photo 2

Looking fiiiine on my counter.

Gifts from The Hubs come in three categories:

1. Special Occasion

2. Just Because and

3. Feeling Guilty

The coffee-maker was of the latter variety.

I admit, I am easily appeased by new, shiny things. After years of struggling I have come to accept my own shallowness…BAHAHA, not! I was totes okay with it from the beginning. Anyway, the Keurig was also a bribe. Due to The Hubs’ assface-ery this weekend I now have approximately 53729 gazillion embarrassing stories that I *could* be telling about him. But, I’m not, because I know that all the good times we have together far outweigh the bad. And because I promised not to. And because I have a brand new, shiny, adorable, YELLOW (squee!) Keurig coffee-maker.

photo 1

Ooh la la!




2 thoughts on “My lips are sealed

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