Memory Schmemory

Quick, tell me what you were doing exactly one year ago, GO!

Got it? Ok, now tell me what you were doing two years ago! Now three years ago! At what point does your memory start getting fuzzy? My memory starts getting fuzzy about three days back. In fact, I can’t remember what color of socks I’m wearing right now. Oh that’s right, one grey and one white. Apparently I need to do laundry. Anyway, isn’t that the weirdest feeling in the world? (forgetting things…not needing to do laundry. Needing to do laundry is perfectly normal, unless you’re a nudist, which I am definitely not. Wait, how did I get on the subject of nudists??) I’ve lived through minutes, hours, days, entire weeks – and entire years – that I have to consciously work at remembering. This is one of the reasons that I blog. When Mark & I bought our home just over a year ago, I knew that I would end up forgetting all of the crazy, wonderful steps & phases our house goes through if I didn’t write it down somewhere.

But for remembering everything else, there’s Facebook!

Facebook rocks my multicolored socks. I joined in 2006, back when you still had to have a .edu email to sign up. My Facebook page, like this blog, acts as a sort of “life scrapbook” for me. Scrolling back through old posts on Facebook is like flipping through a picture album at your parent’s house… I have tons of “Oh yeah! I remember that!” moments. Which are usually pretty quickly followed by “Ohhh… I can’t believe I posted that on a public website…” moments. I can’t bring myself to delete embarrassing old posts or photos though, because who will remember if Facebook doesn’t?

I’ve been feeling especially nostalgic recently, and so I found myself on Facebook, enjoying a “cyber time capsule” of sorts.


November 29, 2011

We adopted our second miniature dachshund, Emmaline Pistachio-Face (she picked out her own name)


This is the very first picture of Emma ever posted on Facebook. There are now approximately 527 gazillion pictures of Emma on Facebook.


December 5, 2010

I posted this embarrassing picture on Facebook:


Pink tinkerbell footie pajamas are always a fashion “Do”. I promise I have friends. They just refused to be photographed with me while I was wearing pink tinkerbell footie pajamas. Fogies.


December 5, 2009

I posted the following Facebook status:

(Hannah) is watching Gossip Girl, working on christmas presents and having a lovely evening. 12 days, 14 hours, 12 minutes and 15 seconds until i can add a man to the mix!

(Oh yes, that was when Mark was at Basic Training in Missouri, and I was counting down until I could pick him up for his Christmas leave. That was a crazy time for us!)


December 3, 2008

A friend posted this video on my Facebook wall:

(The tragedy is that even after watching the video, I cannot remember WHY he posted it on my wall. Poop!)


December 11, 2007

I posted the following Facebook status:

(Hannah) is doing her nails. and toenails. and eyebrows. and hair. and….YES, she just watched the Devil Wears Prada

(Am I the only one who experiences this type of anxiety after watching a movie full of gorgeous, perfectly groomed women?)


December 7, 2006

I posted this picture on my Facebook wall:


Unfortunately, this is exactly what it looks like.

If you read the caption I posted along with the video it makes a little more sense: Neal and Ryan sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! ryan promised if he got anything wagernian from his secret santa, he would kiss him. and guess what? neal did. so ryan did. too funny! (Ryan was/is still obsessed with the German composer Wagner. Now everyone’s saying “ahhh! Now I get it!”) I feel like a failure though, because I can’t remember what wagnerian thing Neal gave to Ryan! Uggh.

Another funny story- the guy in the white t-shirt upon whom the kiss is being bestowed is now my brother-in-law. Isn’t it great when college friends stick around? 🙂


Be-dee-be-dee-be-dee! That’s all, folks! That’s as far back as my Facebook goes. 6 years of memories preserved! I feel like I should print my Facebook timeline and bind it in an album before the Mayan-predicted apocalypse knocks out everyone’s electricity & internet.




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