Great post on Apartment Therapy about being Realistic.


One of the biggest mistakes I see in home decorating and decluttering is that people often make purchasing and design decisions based on aspirations (the kind of life you want to lead; the kind of person you aspire to be) — not reality. So, before you spend a ton of money and time decorating, face the facts. Distinguish between who you are — your real life habits, your idiosyncrasies — vs. who you WANT to be. When decluttering and organizing, work with your habits, not in denial of them!

You want to be the kind of person who hangs up your coat on a hanger every day, who files bills carefully the minute they arrive in the mail, who curls up in the reading nook with a book and gazes out at the perfectly-manicured garden. But are you ACTUALLY that person? Will buying Container Store organizational systems and special furniture turn you into a new and improved version of yourself? Probably not. The trick to purchasing for your home is accept your habits and tendencies and limitations and set expectations accordingly. You will save money and time and will end up with a home that works with you, not against you.

Read the list of common decorating mistakes on Apartment Therapy’s website, here. I’m guilty of a couple of them myself!


2 thoughts on “Great post on Apartment Therapy about being Realistic.

  1. I loved that article. It reminded me once of this article of a house remodel in a local newspaper and the designers were trying to say how practical the choices were. And I read the article while surrounded by a huge pile of unfolded laundry thinking Tell me, if I had a chaise with a book nook in my bedroom – if my bedroom had room for it – you know it would be the last place in the world I’d be reading a book and the first place that the piles of laundry to be folded would be thrown on everyday. Just goes to show you what works for one house would never function at all in another. I have to remind myself of that every time I do some ridiculous pin aka the ‘rustic white mudroom’ and have my husband go “Right. White. Mudroom. Oxymoron?”

    • Ahaha yes! I hate that ‘rustic white mudroom’ with a passion. I get so inspired when I see pictures of pristine spaces that it takes me a while to realize that no, it most definitely would NOT work in my home, with my 4 dogs, cat, and husband who cannot remember the simple act of taking off his boots before coming into the house. If only Pinterest was full of pictures of fingerprinty windows, laundry piled on beds, and dirty frying pans left on the stove overnight… 😛

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