Getting in touch with reality.

Reality bites. It really does. My obsession with decorating books and magazines only serves to make this fact more painfully obvious! The latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens? Be still my heart. There’s nothing I love more than a French Farmhouse-inspired home decked out for the Holidays in vintage splendor (but seriously- white everything? And you have kids?). But Hannah, you’re saying, you have such a lovely little home! So charmingly imperfect, so packed full of love! And this is all true.

But what am I supposed to think when I see pictures like these??


Photo from here.


Picture from here. F you, Mariah Carey.

Picture from here. F you, Mariah Carey, and your fabulous shoe collection.


I know EXACTLY what I’m supposed to think. I’m supposed to think that my closet sucks. Because that’s called reality.

Since I started this blog I’ve worked really hard to not ever show you the inside of my closet. The problem isn’t the closet’s size, although it isn’t a walk-in closet, the size is pretty decent- for a tiny 1970s ranch house in the midwest! Compare it to one of the closets above, and suddenly it looks pitiable (in its current state, compare it to ANY closet and it looks pitiable). The problem is my lack of motivation to actually use the size to its best advantage. Instead, I simply pile/toss/throw/discard clothes in the closet like a crazy person, because I can just shut the doors.

It’s obvious that I need help. And in this case, I need help in the form of external motivation. And so, at long last, I will subject you to the




(and fun shoes)


photo 1

See how nicely these closet doors close?? You can’t even tell what’s lurking inside until…


photo 2

Until I show you this picture, that is.


photo 3

I don’t think changing the angle is making it look any better.

(yes, those are build-a-bears hiding on the bottom shelf)

(yes, i know that those strappy sandals are ridiculously adorable, i have worn them 1 time. i almost slipped and died, and decided that 4 inches is my heel limit, but haven’t gotten rid of them yet)

(i do love plaid, especially plaid jammies)

(i also love Coach, so much that i even save the paper shopping bags that my handbags come in)

(no, i can’t remember why that suitcase is up on that top rack. there’s nothing even in it)

You can stop crying now (or laughing, whichever. In situations this dire, I tend to alternate), because THIS IS THE WEEKEND I TACKLE MY  CLOSET. In my Monday update I will have triumphant pictures of a lovingly organized closet, most likely accompanied by harrowing war stories.

My (Realistic) Closet Inspiration

Way too much work for my closet, but look how cute!! Maybe I can achieve the same effect with a stencil?

Way too much work for my closet, but look how cute!! Maybe I can achieve the same effect with a stencil? From this post.



THIS. IS. FABULOUS. I also want those cowboy boots. From this post.


This is perfect. If only my clothes were actually that color-coordinated. From this post.

This is perfect. If only my clothes were actually that color-coordinated. And how cute is that laundry tub? I need a DIY for that. From this post.


In case the inspiration pictures didn’t clue you in, I’m going to attempt to move our dresser into the closet! By swapping the dresser & bookshelf, not only will I add more storage to the closet, but I’ll be creating more floor-space next to the bed (the bookshelf is more narrow than the dresser). I’m also planning to remove the closet doors. *gasp* I know it’s crazy, but although you can’t tell it from the pictures I posted, our closet doors actually run into our bed’s footboard when they open. Plus, there are FOUR DOORS on the north wall of our bedroom (door to the room, two closet doors, and the bathroom door). It’s just an awkward space all around. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Take off closet doors
  2. Paint inside closet (I have a lovely light blue for this. OR- should I use the same peacock blue as the bathroom??)
  3. Swap out dresser & bookshelf
  4. Sort through/organize clothes, pack away summer clothes (I still haven’t done this…gah)
  5. Organize shoes & handbags

Wish me luck! (and seriously, which would look better in that closet: a light blue, or a deep peacock blue?)




5 thoughts on “Getting in touch with reality.

  1. Personally, I love love loved the blue you used in your bathroom! Not sure how it would look in a closet, but it’s so pretty that it CAN’T look bad (right?) 🙂
    I have major paint-envy from your posts (since I’m not allowed to paint my apt) BUT someday, when I CAN paint my own place, know that I will definitely be referring back to your posts for that peacock-blue color. 🙂

    • Thanks, girl! I’m still madly in love with that blue as well, so that’s the direction I’m leaning! I know what you mean about “paint-envy”- when we had our apartment I was always drooling over colorful homes. Now I’m just glad my rooms are small enough that painting doesn’t feel like a chore, lol. One thing that’s really popular thing right now though is to have a neutral background – pale walls, flooring, etc. – and then add colorful accessories. That way the color doesn’t get overwhelming. Sometimes I look around the house and think, okay, all of this should be WHITE! No joke.

  2. I am dying laughing! I get it! We had the same closet issue except ours was the front closet in the 2 step entryway into our house. My husband lost it on the doors one day and was like ok you’re gone and ripped them out. 2 years after living in our house we’ve finally started to fix it. It’s still not done. For the record I had a dresser in my walk in closet for 15 years and I loved it. It’s one of the best space saving ventures when you can’t afford the bloody expensive wire shelves and you want to hide a dresser that doesn’t work with your decor anymore.

    • “when you can’t afford the bloody expensive wire shelves” LMAO yes! Googling “small closet organization” brings up oodles of pictures of closets with those expensive systems. I just want to organize it, not plate it in gold;) A big reason that the closet stays so messy is because I think, eh! Just close the doors and you won’t anything. Which is why the doors must go! I think it’s more than obvious that I need external motivation to make this happen.

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