If you give a man a string of Christmas lights…

Today’s post will be told in story-book form, a la Laura Joffe Numeroff (of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” fame).




If you give a man a string of Christmas lights…


Why do Christmas lights always look so wonky during the day?


He’s going to ask for an extension cord.


Small porch = lots of lights, no? Ignore the untrimmed edge on our porch roof, we have a teensy bit more work to do to finish that project up.


And when you find him an extension cord,


He strung (stringed? strewed) lights along our porch, and all the way along our front fence.


He’ll probably ask for approximately 3 more strings of lights.


He even put lights across the gate. That man knows how much I love sparkle=)


When he’s finished putting them up, he’ll ask for another extension cord…


The view from our kitchen’s big picture window.


But there are no more extension cords, so he’ll need to go to the store.


Cruiser is doing his best to look cold & pitiful & worthy of being let into the house early, even though he knows it’s technically still potty-time.


He’ll come home with circus peanut candy for his wife, just because he knows she likes it. And because it is Sunday, and you can’t buy wine on Sundays in our &%*# state.

The End.




7 thoughts on “If you give a man a string of Christmas lights…

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