Live Blogging: Black Friday

“Live blogging” means starting a blog post & periodically updating it throughout the day. I’ve never live-blogged before, but I feel like the gravity of the day demands some extra attention.

It is BLACK FRIDAY, people!
Try to stay alive out there.

10:50AM– After nomming on some leftover stuffing for breakfast and taking 3 ibuprofen for a threatening headache, we are finally on the road! Mom, my Aunt, my older sister, younger sister, and future sister-in-law are carpooling into town. Oh, we have my sister’s baby boy with us, too. He is the token male on this trip!

11:15AM- the little shop my mom drive us to first was lacking in a bathroom, so I walked to McDonald’s and am waiting on my small mocha. Traffic was surprisingly easy! I wonder if all the hardcore shoppers are finished & sleeping by now?

11:52AM- We’re leaving the first store. I didn’t buy anything, but I DID try on a $2,400 beaver coat. Yes, you heard that right! I kept my McDonald’s mocha at a safe distance. Nothing ruins a good beaver like a splash of $2 chocolate-sweetened hot milk.


We’re gangster and we know it!

12:25PM- At Marshall’s, I found the sparkle motherlode!


1:21PM- I tried on a dress that I grabbed off the clearance rack and it is PERFECT! But it turned out to not actually be on clearance. I hate when that happens! And it is $60. Sadface. I can’t spend that much on just one dress! But it was originally $119, so…. I might need to go back later. It was freaking adorable.

2PM- sitting at Olive Garden. We’re all going Dutch in lunch and I decided to splurge on sweet tea & a panini instead of the usual soup & salad. We had about a 30 minute wait for our party of 6, not too bad! Now we’re talking about when we’re all putting up our Christmas decorations. I never used to get this excited about cleaning & decorating- I must be growing up:P

5:26PM- I completely forgot that I was live-blogging! Probably another reason why I shouldn’t have tried that today. we’ve now been to Macy’s, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Zales, and Bath & Body Works. We should be headed home soon. Then I get to tally up the receipts…oh joy.


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