Oops, I did it again!

I fell off the face of the earth. Is that what hardcore bloggers call going two weeks without posting? Whatever it’s called, I swore that it wasn’t going to happen again. I confess, I’ve been resting on my laurels after that last project- it was a doozy! Re-doing a bathroom in a weekend may have put me off painting for forever….haha, not! GOTCHA. I still luuuurve me some paint.

But I’m not gonna lie, not only have I exhausted my creativity (okay, that’s not exactly true, but I’m using it as an excuse), I’ve exhausted my “Happy Funtime House Project” fund (sadly, this is true), and I’ve also exhausted my husband’s patience. Geez. Ask the man to hang a few pictures and he goes all crazy-eyed. IF I HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO COME HOME FROM WORK & FEED DOGS & COOK DINNER, YOU HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO COME HOME FROM WORK & HANG PICTURES! Or, erm, something like that.

However, I value my marriage, and would never dream of saying something like that to him. Out loud. So I’ll just say it here, on my completely public blog.

Please don’t tell him.

Moving on.

I’m making my New Year’s resolution right now, 46 days early. This year, my resolution will be serious. It will not involve resolving to read fewer trashy novels, stop making Britney Spears references in random conversation (and especially in blog post titles), or to drink my way through the country (any idea how many regional specialty wines there are? Lots.) So, SERIOUS. I will make a serious, grown-up resolution.

Here goes:

I, Hannah, do solemnly swear (this is how they start, right?) that I will post on my blog a MINIMUM of 3x a week.

Before you start feeling all warm & fuzzy- this isn’t for you guys, this is for ME. I’m the kind of person that can’t remember what I had for dinner last night, so stopping and being in the moment is a biggie for me. Life is so fun & crazy & full of people wanting pieces of me, sometimes it feels like a whirlwind of awesome! I love the awesome, but could do without the whirlwind. Posting on this blog, whether it’s about my HOUSE or my HUSBAND or my PUPPIES or my SHOPPING ADDICTION forces me to stop just long enough to fully enjoy what’s going on in my life, right now.

As far as coming up with super-awesome DIY projects to blog about in minute detail, I’m dying to refinish the dresser in our master bedroom but it’s so colddddd outside and I’m super-sensitive to chemical-y smells inside. As soon as I’ve kicked my inner-whimp’s butt I’ll get right on that. Until then, I’ve got life happening. The holidays & family coming into town, with manicures & baking & puppy baths in there somewhere.

I’m also officially transitioning from a “DIY blog” or “Home Decorating Blog” to a LIFE blog. As in, I have a life, and I blog about it so that in 5 years (or 5 days) I can actually remember what kinds of shenanigans I got into. Merry early Christmas.


And for the cherry on the top of this ice-cream-sundae of a blog post, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

We’re so cute you almost forget that you keep finding dog shit under the couch. Almost.


Daddy likes to pile the dogs on himself and use them as an excuse for not getting out of that chair for hours. For example, “honey, I’d love to get you another glass of wine, but as you can see, I have the puppies sleeping on me!” Yeah buster, I’m on to you.


I firmly believe that Princess Leia will grow up to be the first canine winner of the Miss Universe Pageant. I already make her practice her wave- “thank you for being here today, thank you…”




4 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again!

  1. It’s funny b/c I am doing the opposite resolution. I blogged so much in the beginning that it got to a point where my daughter was like Mommy’s on the computer again. So I am going to promise myself to slow down. Maybe 2 posts a week. We kill ourselves with these blogs b/c they’re like toxic…ok that’s a terrible joke.

    • Lol Alex! That sounds like the perfect resolution for you. I’m definitely not planning on killing myself with this blog- I just feel like my “online scrapbook” is a great project for me right now. I definitely have enough subject matter to keep it going for a while!

  2. Glad to hear you will be posting more often. This is my first time commenting here, but I’ve been reading for awhile and always enjoy your posts. I love your house!

    Happy New Year. 😉

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