House tour updates: Kitchen

This room (like the living room) is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Is it any wonder then why it is refreshed and changed so often?

A walk down memory lane!


Kitchen at closing, circa September 2011

Kitchen circa October 2011, also during my “more is better” phase (picture from this blog post)

Paring down and lightening up, kitchen circa March 2012

After a new wall light fixture (talked about in this post) and being painted white (this post)- kitchen circa May 2012

Kitchen tour, October 2012


After a new (to me) table, “faux multi-pane window” affect (blogged about in this post), and a new window blind for the picture window, kitchen circa October, 2012

Besides getting a new table, I also redid our “landing strip”- we now have a designated spot now for shoes, umbrellas, scarves, purses, keys, and library books. This keeps them OFF the kitchen table, plus now the puppies can’t chew on shoelaces! I found this adorable basket shelving unit on on sale. And please ignore the baby squeaky toy on the floor. That’s what we do, at least!

I bought those gorgeous fall-colored flowers at Walmart of all places. Who says a girl can’t buy herself flowers? =)

My mom brought these funny placemats back from a vacation for me- they add a whimsical touch to the table. Also, more cinnamon scented pinecones! I love those things!

I tried to clear my counter off by using an IKEA rack to hang the cooking utensils- but nature abhors a vacuum and now the containers of puppy treats sit right where the utensil crock was previously. Oh well, at least I tried.

My new breadmaker- an unexpected gift from an Aunt – is used almost daily! Also, we still haven’t mounted the over-fridge cabinet. That we got months ago. MONTHS. ago. Uggh.

I’m proud of everything in this picture. My kitchenaid stand mixer, Breville juicer, open shelving with matching white dishes ($15 for a set of nearly 100 white dishes at an antique mall!), and my IKEA knife rack.

More pinecones. Are you sensing a theme here? FALL = PINECONES!

Another pinecone. What can I say? I’m a fan. That cool rusted car toy is actually a pencil sharpener- I found it while renovating a front flower bed. It’s probably not actually vintage, but I like how it looks.

Resource list:

Original rectangle farm table – $70 on Craigslist found THE DAY we were moving in last year. Talk about good timing!

Kitchen chairs- came with the farm table, spray painted turquoise

New black pedestal table, $40 on Craigslist (they even put casters on the legs for me- I can wheel my table around the kitchen. Seriously.)

BYGEL rail (used as utensil rack), 39″ version, $2.99 from IKEA

BYGEL S-hooks, 99 cents for 10 from IKEA

GRUNDTAL 18″ knife rack, $13 from IKEA

BYGEL dish drainer rack, $5.99 from IKEA

Industrial chic wall light fixture, $33 from Home Depot. I talk about installation in this post.

Super fabulous pull-down kitchen faucet, $99 from I talk about installation in this post.

Chrome soap dispenser, $17 from

Cow creamer, $2.50 from Pier 1 on sale. They no longer sell the cow one, but check out this $6 elephant creamer!

Rattan vase, $10 from TJ Maxx last December

Espresso storage unit with wicker baskets, $80 on sale from

Chalkboard coffee jar, $14 from Pier 1



4 thoughts on “House tour updates: Kitchen

    • Yes, paint your cabinets!! It will lift your whole room. The kitchen is so bright, even at night, so I know it’s not my windows (although I have a lot of those, too).

      I do think I want to replace the hardware eventually, maybe with some rustic black handles. I’m still thinking that through:) Also, the paint finish is either satin or flat- definitely not the semigloss recommended for high-traffic areas! I’ll probably sand them down and brush on a coat of semigloss white at some point down the road as well.

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  2. Hi Hannah. I just happened upon your blog and am totally thrilled!!!!! We are in an older rental home and I need help!! My brother in law installed counter tops the color of yours but our cabinets are really dark and need painted. I also have a hutch and buffet that needs painted. I want to paint that tourquoise!! Also our refrigerator needs painted. Otherwise, I am at a loss as to a color scheme. Please help. Also we have a drop down cckfoster77@yahoo.comeiling in there, UGH. It covers up a bunch of heating/cooling stuff so we have to keep it.Carla I accidentally ordered a stainless steel microwave for above the stove so now we have an old ugly refrigerator that the door falls off o f, a stove that is black and white and a stainless steel microwave to boot. I desperately need your help!!!

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