House tour updates: Master Bedroom

Decorating with Hannah, a play in two acts.

Act 1, scene 1.

Me: “I’m finally finished with this room! Doesn’t it look great?”

The Hubs, enthusiastically: “Yeah hon! It looks fantastic!”

Act 1, scene 2.

One day later…

Me: *nudge nudge, tweak tweak* “How about when I put this here? Is it better, or worse?”

The Hubs, still enthusiastically: “Definitely better, babe! I love that there!”

Act 1, scene 3.

One week later…

The Hubs, bewildered: “What happened to the (insert objet d’art here) that was on the (insert random piece of furniture here)?”

Me: “Oh, it just wasn’t working out. I put it in the closet.”

Act 2.

One month later…

Me: “I’m finally FINISHED with this room?!Doesn’t it look GREAT??”

The Hubs: *bangs head against the wall*

The End.

My poor husband. Living with a crazy decorating-obsessed woman isn’t easy for him. At least he is paid well (in home-cooked dinners, snuggles, and my tolerance of his own crazy projects, lol).

My half-assed well-written, thought provoking two-act play is meant to introduce you to a series of posts I have planned for this week. I realized that my room tours have not been updated in forever, and my house tour is just as bad. I mean, does anyone even know that we have a new kitchen table? Or a brand-spanking-new fence around our front yard? Or that (approximately two months ago) we got a new bed frame? Not that anyone really needs to know these things, but I’m suddenly feeling the need to update my blog tours.

That has nothing to do with the fact that I spent last weekend cleaning like a maniac, and that we finally had  a sunny day for pictures.

Absolutely nothing at all.

Anyway. Just for kicks and giggles I thought I’d do a quick recap of how this room has looked over the past year that we’ve been in our house:

Move-in day, September 2011

Our MB during its short-lived stint as a family room, October 2011

Finally moved in to the new MB, December, 2011. Picture from this post.

After a few tweaks, MB circa June 2012. Picture from this post.

And now, without further ado,

Master Bedroom Tour, circa October 2012

The gorgeous king-size bed is the Liervik from Ikea. The floating nightstands are Expedit from Ikea, the rattan baskets in them are from Target, the wall lamps are RODD lamp bases with the SKEBY lamp shade, also Ikea. Oh, and the peacock pillow is the Malin Fransar pillow, from, you guessed it, Ikea. I may or may not have redone the entire master bedroom solely with items from Ikea.

I put up a hodge-podge of paintings on my side- a couple are mine and a couple were bought/given to me. I LOVE this gallery wall! Also, our white-on-white bedding is a necessity due to the fact that two dogs sleep in bed with us- every week I launder the sheets with bleach, lol. Yay puppies!

I love having our nightstands up off the floor. Being able to see carpet underneath makes the whole room feel a little bigger! Ha, ha.

I have big plans to eventually refinish that lovely wood dresser, probably with a soft grey stain. Right now the finish is chipping off (all over my carpet). Le sigh. Fun fact: the Sunflowers painting and white finished jewelry box have been part of my decor since I was still living with my parents, 7 years ago.

This picture is titled, “Fitting a king-size bed in a full-size room.” The corner on Mark’s side of the bed is a wee bit squished. But we love our huge bed and wouldn’t trade it for anything, not even more space in this room! (You can see one of our tupperware “traps” on the bed leg- haven’t seen any bed bugs in over a week now but we’re keeping the traps up just in case!)

Isn’t this a funky room layout? That exterior door opens out to our back deck, which would be lovely if we had any deck furniture on it! Eventually the closet double-doors (on the left) will be replaced with a curtain, because they open up right into the footboard of our bed.

Resource list:

LEIRVIK bed frame, king-size for $149 at IKEA

EXPEDIT wall shelf, $19.99 at IKEA

Espresso wire rattan baskets, $35 for a 3-piece set at Target

RODD wall lamp base, nickel plated, $15 apiece at IKEA

SKEBY 6-inch lamp shade, $4.99 apiece at IKEA

MALIN FRANSAR cushion, $12.99 at IKEA

Dresser, $60 on Craigslist

Ikat lamp, $40 from TJ Maxx

Blue velvet chair, $99 from TJ Maxx (bought on sale several years ago)

White faux-down comforter, $60 from TJ Maxx

White cotton coverlet, $20 from Walmart

Striped pillow shams, came in a $20 duvet set from Target

Retro nickel-plated table fan, bought on sale for $25 at Walmart last year



5 thoughts on “House tour updates: Master Bedroom

  1. I love that your window is behind the head of your bed. We just did that in our bedroom awhile back after having it on the wall to the left of the window (we have a similar layout to yours) and it changed the entire ambiance of the room. Your room looks cozy and warm and happy and I totally want an exterior door to a deck in my bedroom.

    • Alex- it was the only layout that made sense in our tiny space! My friend actually talked me into getting the white metal bed (I had been leaning towards the HEMNES frame) and I love love love how the blue curtain peeks through the scrolly headboard. The Hubs has to have complete blackness to sleep, so a window blind & curtain were necessities for us. How did you deal with shading/curtaining (is that a word?) your window-headboard?

      • We have completely the same issue. We need blackout curtains (same reason my husband) so we have cellular shades on the window and now we’re in the process of revamping the curtains over it. The bigger issue with us is that our heat register is right under the window so as much as I want super long curtains, oy. I also want a headboard. So I totally understand your dilemna.

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