Two’s company, three’s a crowd…scratch that, a party!

Ah, Muesday. A crazy phenomenon happens when Monday isn’t a work day (Thanks, Labor Day! Can I get an AMEN?). By the time Tuesday rolls around, it has morphed into a scary, can’t-believe-I’m-back-at-work, where-did-the-weekend-go, feels-like-Monday-but-it-isn’t, MUESDAY. (I’m thinking about copyrighting the word. It’s genius)

The best/worst thing about Muesday is that when I look back over my three-day weekend, I realize that I was so darn OPTIMISTIC about what I would accomplish! I was freaking pollyanna! Reading back over my Friday post is like ingesting a large helping of idealism with a side of sparkles.

Are you catching my drift? I didn’t finish my gallery wall. Correction, I didn’t start my gallery wall. I fully intended to, don’t get me wrong, but something got in the way. A tiny little something, not even three pounds of something, a something named Bailey.

Jackson was his name for approximately 4 hours.


Mark and I have a serious problem. Our problem looks something like this:

(idea of something awesome we should do) -> -> (common sen-) -> (DANGIT WE’RE DOING IT!)

Before our common sense even gets a word in, we’ve gone and done it. In this case, “going and doing it” involved discussing the idea over dinner on Friday and then the very next morning spending an hour and half driving to the boonies to pick up the tiniest, most adorable, fluffiest little flea-ridden ball of fur.

And I haven’t regretted it for a minute.

(That was typed with gritted teeth- I’m writing this on approximately 4 hours of sleep because *someone’s* REM cycle was interrupted several times last night by what was basically a 2-pound dust bunny with lungs and the world’s tiniest bladder. Bailey, if you ever read this? 6AM is NOT an appropriate time to prance over your momma’s face. Just sayin’).

Yes, we let our puppies sleep in bed with us. I know a lot of people swear by crate training, and we do put Emma (and now Bailey) in crates while we’re at work, but night time is snuggle time, family time. Besides, all three of our dogs weigh less than 30 pounds combined, so it’s like sleeping with ONE average-sized cocker spaniel, right? We’re not crazy, we just luuuuve us some puppy.

Cruiser & Emma meeting their new baby brother.

Anyway, did you notice the part where I said “flea-ridden”? That was not an exaggeration. The breeder (not a puppy mill but not a high-falutin’ breeder, just someone with a couple purebred miniature dachshunds who happened to have puppies) took care of everything EXCEPT for flea control. She had a nice setup- indoor kennels with access to a large outside run, and apparently nothing she had tried had been able to cut back on the flea population, so she stopped trying. I didn’t realize how bad it really was until I gave poor Bailey his second flea bath of the day (the breeder gave him one before we took him home but I still found fleas on him after) and fleas were washing off in droves. I must have washed off over 50 fleas! In his second bath! UGGGH *shiver* yuck yuck yuck.

Helpful tip- blue Dawn dish soap has an ingredient in it that dissolves the water-resistant coating on fleas.

I soaped Bailey up with the dish soap- carefully saturating his face & ears- and rubbed it in for a good 10 minutes. When I rinsed him off afterwards the drowned fleas washed right down the drain! I used a flea comb to brush out the dead ones stuck in the short hair on his face. Then I soaped him up again using our oatmeal shampoo that always makes the babies smell soooo good. By the time we were finally finished in the tub the little guy was exhausted. We’re waiting until 3 days after his bath to treat him with Advantage topical flea medication, which is what we use on the other dogs.

The hugest bummer of all is that his flea problem was so bad that he has flea bite dermatitis AND flea-induced anemia. Basically, he scratched so much at the flea bites that he developed a skin condition (lots of tiny little scabs all over his head, neck and back), and he had so many fleas drinking his blood that he was lethargic and tired easily. Now that we got the fleas OFF of him, both conditions should improve fast.

Bailey’s Family Album

Bailey’s mom, a gorgeous 14-lb silver dapple miniature dachshund

Bailey’s dad, a handsome 11-lb chocolate miniature dachshund (on the right) watching his mate & babies play

Bailey’s brother & sister, littermates. The little girl was already spoken for (or else we would have taken her and not Bailey, don’t tell him I said that), and Mark dropped a few not-so-subtle hints about adopting BOTH the little boys, but I put my foot down.

Bailey’s brother & sister, nursing. (Bailey was getting his bath at this point)

Bailey hanging out with his big brother Cruiser (they both laid down like this without me putting them there. It’s like Bailey did it on purpose and I had to get a picture!) Never mind the creepy white eyes from my camera flash, they both have beautiful brown eyes.

Bailey with his Aunts Mercy & Charity (two of my younger sisters)

Bailey with Aunt Mabel (another sister, who looks oddly like a little Indian girl in this picture!)

Fat cat Melanie jumped up there so fast as soon as he came sniffing. He just wants to play!

It’s too wet to pee outside… Please take me back in so that I can leave a puddle on the rug for you! =P

Oh my gawwd the cuteness kills me!

Bailey Jackson Nussmeier, born 6/26/2012

So far it hasn’t been a picnic, but we weren’t expecting it to be easy (one only dreams). Emma, our 6-year-old piebald doxie, has decided to ignore Bailey. Bless his heart, he keeps trying to snuggle up against her and as soon as he touches her she growls at him. We got Emma from a dachshund rescue who in turn got her from a bust of a puppy mill. She had been at that puppy mill for the first 5 years of her life, and she’s not quite all there! A few cans short of a 6-pack. Lights are on but no one’s home? Anyway, what she lacks in social skills she makes up for in beauty! The only thing that gets through to her is food- she’ll do ANYTHING for a treat- which is probably why she weighed 16 pounds at her last vet visit. That is HEFTY for a mini! Er, remind me to put her on a diet.

Emmaline Pistachio-Face, Emma for short, a 16-lb piebald mini “tweeny” dachshund. She got so much beauty there was no room left for brains, but who misses them? Not us!

Cruiser is intrigued by Bailey. I have no doubt that once Bailey gets his feet under him, he and Cruiser will be great playmates! I have already seen both of them exhibiting positive behaviors towards each other (butt sniffing, “play bows”, Bailey rolling over on his back so Cruiser can check out his goods- dogs are so WEIRD!) so I know we’re off to a great start. Bailey gets tired easily, a symptom of the anemia, so no all-day play marathons yet, but I have high hopes for them!

It’s a little odd that these babies are such a huge part of our lives and this is the first time I’ve talked about them on my blog. Mark & I really enjoy the perks of the miniature dachshund breed. I don’t think we’ll ever own any other type of dog! These little guys are small enough to pick up and carry around, great snugglers, amazing listeners, guard dogs (Cruiser barks when cars pull into our driveway), and an endless source of entertainment! I need to unearth and post a video we recorded last year of Cruiser running around the kitchen in one of Mark’s button-down shirts. It was so funny I almost peed my pants. Sometimes we don’t even turn on the TV, we just sit around and mess with the puppies, for hours!

All in all, I’m convinced that it was a holiday weekend well-spent. We expanded our little family and gave a puppy the best home he could possibly have. What cutie-patootie! Do you have any pets dear to your heart?


P.S. I am all for giving pets names with deep personal meaning, but Bailey was definitely named after Bailey’s Irish Cream. Because it’s delicious.


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