Why I should be in the Olympics

Some weekends are hectic, some are productive, and some are just, well, fun. This past weekend was of the latter variety! My husband, father, and brothers set up a 7-hour-long game of Axis and Allies on Saturday while my mom & I enjoyed the only thing I am capable of staying riveted to for that length of time- shopping. They have their sport, I have mine!

See an open cashier with no line…MUST GET THERE FIRST.

Before you say shopping isn’t a sport, in the words of the estimable Queen in one of my all-time favorite movies, Ever After, “choose your words wisely, for they may be your last!” Never a dull moment in Renaissance-era France! The men in my family may plan strategies and rack up points around a board game, but I prefer to fight my battles and count victories in the Real World, thank you! The motto of our marathon shopping is “Every Woman for Herself,” accompanied by a banshee yell and full-on sprint into the nearest Kohl’s.

Speaking of Kohl’s, that store alone exemplifies how obvious it is that shopping is a bona fide SPORT! Not only are you faced with both clearance and non-clearance items, but clearance items usually have an additional percentage off, and items on the non-clearance racks are never full-price. When you pile discounts on top of mailer coupons on top of 5%-off with a Kohl’s charge card and Kohl’s cash incentives- it’s no wonder they circle your savings in RED at the bottom of the receipt! Who just beat Kohl’s at a game of shopping? THIS GIRL.

Saved more than I spent. NAILED IT.

But the real winning this weekend didn’t take place at Kohl’s. Oh no. It happened at the antique mall.

Last weekend to get out of the house but stay out of the ridiculous heat, Mark and I wandered around our local antique mall for a few hours. I picked up a few things, put a few things back down, and left without one piece that had been screaming at me ever since. During our Saturday shopping spree mom & I wandered in the general direction of the antique mall, and I just had to stop in and see if it was still there.

And it was.

It’s a teal blue Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer ca. 1957. As soon as I spotted this baby still sitting on the shelf (waiting for me-) I squealed, clutched it to my chest and nervously carted it to the checkout. I asked for an outlet and was pointed to one on the wall right by the counter. Plugging it in, I sent up a desperate, silent prayer that nothing would explode- AND IT WORKED. I clapped. The lady behind the counter actually cheered, as I brought the speed all the way up from “dry folding” to “whipping cream” with no sparks or smoking.




Best part: it was only $25. When I apprised Mark of my treasure-hunting finesse later, he replied “Well, that saved me 200 bucks!” Oh right, I should probably mention that I’ve been drooling recently over the colorful array available of kitchenaid stand mixers, which go for a minimum of $250. So yes, spending $25 on a vintage working stand mixer turned out to be quite budget-savvy! And it’s frickin’ adorable.

I ended the day with several other victories as well-

Rag rug for $4. Happy dance.

Vintage enamel-ware teakettle for $5. ❤ enamel ware.

Tiny ceramic ring-holder for kitchen windowsill, $2

Old pot, new flower- an African Violet, $3.48 (this time I won’t kill it, I swear)

By the time the family minivan rolled back down my parents’ driveway, the sun was setting and our car was loaded down with the booty of a day spent competing at what I consider an Olympic level. The only thing missing was a cheering crowd- or so I thought, until my younger brothers and sisters poured out of the house and enveloped us, begging to see everything that we had bought. Hmm, that’s one reason to have kids… their adoration is open and unwavering, and so much more enthusiastic than that of our game-weary and yawning men!

Cracking eggs and slicing velveeta, mom & I served up a dinner of omelets, or more fittingly, our victory feast=)




3 thoughts on “Why I should be in the Olympics

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