I’m mellllltinggggg

I feel like the above picture is explanation enough. I can end the blog post here…

…Just kidding! And you thought you were gonna get off easy. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to recently- wonder no longer. The answer is simple: NOTHING! After 10 straight days of 100+ degree heat, during which time I complained about said heat while being repeatedly slapped by Batman, any creative juices not saved by the careful consumption of numerous popsicles have melted straight out of my ears.

My summer hibernation period is being spent, among other things, lazily browsing the Ikea website and planning the mother of all shopping trips to take place later this month. After adding roughly $150 of merchandise to my shopping list and then immediately removing another $150, my eyes cross and it becomes necessary to consume another popsicle or risk overheating and permanently damaging a (semi) important portion of my brain. Another example of how badly the heat has melted all my brains came about late Sunday evening when I realized that Mark had no clean work shirts. Not a single one. I, the Queen of Laundry, had not washed a single load all weekend. And so I harrumphed around at 10PM slamming unsuspecting appliance doors and wondering why he couldn’t wash his own dang work shirts, already!

Luckily, this week the temps have cooled down to a more manageable 95. Ha, ha.

I did manage to drag my soggy ass (eww) to an antique mall the other day. The 15 seconds from my car to the door was pure hell, but the bliss of artificially cooled air pumping over my flushed person as I perused over-priced antiques was worth it! Not everything was over-priced on this trip, either. I found a charmingly mismatched set of over 60 white porcelain dishes for *drummmmrolllll* $15.

The bounty barely fit in my dishwasher:

Once they were clean & fresh (HOURS later, we don’t use our dishwasher very often because it takes so long for it to run a cycle) I stacked them by type/design so I could take stock of what I had spent fifteen hard-earned smackeroos on.

Yeah, that’s a lot of dishes. Some I tucked away in cabinets for when we have company (right after gleefully emailing my mother to crow about my find- I have enough dishes now for eh. veh. ry. one. to come over for dinner, with plates to spare!) and the others I put on display on my two little exposed kitchen shelves, which went from this:

To this:

Isn’t that just beauty-full? Well worth the $15. I could’ve easily spent 4x that buying just a fraction of those dishes from Walmart. Walmart!

Tune in next time for more rantings on the sorry state of this god-awful weather. It’s too hot to even come up with a new topic. If I’m a broken record, it’s because that record is currently melted & smeared across a driveway hot enough to fry bacon. I would eat another popsicle, but it would just be much too little, far too late.



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