FEATURE FRIDAY! Or, all the cool kids are doing it

Since my blog roll is filling up with Friday-themed alliterations, I’ve decided to make my own. I’m calling it “Feature Friday” because, well, it’s Friday! And because I want to show off a few projects I’ve stumbled across on Pinterest/the net (cue angels singing) but haven’t actually recreated myself. Yet.

Okay, FINE, you got me. Yes, I’m feeling too lazy to write about one of my own projects. Stop judging me, it’s Friday for pete’s sake. I’m exhausted!

So here goes.

1. Homemade Carpet Freshener from Fine Frugality:

Owning Living with two hyper dogs and one very particular cat- as in, she barfs on the floor if I so much as LOOK at her wrong- I’m well acquainted with the joys of carpet cleaner. Thankfully our new house has tons of hardwood, but I still find myself with the odd bits of carpeting or rugs to clean & freshen. Commercial carpet freshening products tend to have overpowering “perfumy” fragrances- which is great if you’re an 80-year-old woman collecting cat figurines and watching Antique Roadshow in your spare time. Not so much if you’re a youngster who just wants the room to stop smelling like BARF already, goddammit! Fine Frugality posted a recipe this week to make your own subtly fragranced carpet freshener using just baking soda, mint leaves, and essential oils. I’m definitely going to try this one out!

2. Lost Socks project from Decor-ganize Crafts:

Case in point: while folding laundry last night I remarked to my husband that I have no idea how ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY can leave me with two single unmatched socks! I’m fine with pairing “close” matches together- you know, a tall white sock with a blue toe paired with a tall white sock with a yellow toe (Mark’s), or a grey sport sock paired with a pink sport sock (mine)- but there’s no way Mark’s tube sock can ever go with my ankle sock. I don’t get it. Instead of tossing the singles into our respective sock drawers and hoping that they’ll eventually find their way to the perfect match, which hasn’t really been working out for us so far- I should try this project instead. Single socks get neatly clipped up in the laundry area, so that singles from the next load can be matched in an instant. Either that or I’ll end up just pinning up more & more single socks until eventually they all go on a singles cruise to Panama and come back in pairs. A girl can dream!

3. Covered Light Switch & Outlet Plates project from The Real Housewives of Riverton:

This is another one of those *facepalm* why didn’t I think of it sooner?? ideas. It’s so obvious I feel stupid now. When I redid the master bathroom I actually googled switchplates and outlet covers trying to find some with a little bling, but nothing stood out. Now with a little modge podge and some cheap scrapbook paper you can completely customize these lame pieces of plastic for any type of room! I definitely need to carve out some time for this project.

When will I actually complete these projects?? I have no freaking clue. HAPPY FRIIIIDAYYYYY!!!!!


(Here’s another Pinterest-related picture, since it went over so well last time)


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