Just hanging out…

Alternate title: “Why I am an honorary 5-year-old.”

Based on the impulsive nature of many of my blog posts (paint the entire hallway in an evening? sure! toss around ideas for demolishing the ceiling? all the time! raise chickens? why the hell not!), you wouldn’t think what I’m about to tell you is true, but it is. I’m easily intimidated. A few months ago I ordered something off Amazon that I was incredibly excited about- and then when the package came, I chickened out and stuck it in a closet.

IT’S A SWIIINNNNGGGG!!! Yes, I’m one of those weird adults that still loves to plop their over-sized butts into child swings on playgrounds. WHEE, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! Around swing sets I find myself regressing to the age of 5- what can I say? It was a very good year for me. *ahem* …doesn’t it look great? It’s a hammock chair, for when you don’t have the trees/space/inclination to hang an actual hammock between two trees. I got mine for $17 from Amazon in April, they’re going for a little bit more now, but still under $30.

As in the case of the scary-looking Ikea fiskevik, the package sat in our living room closet until this past weekend. Here’s how the argument conversation in my head went:

“It is BEAUTIFUL outside! I wish I had a place to sit & enjoy the weather!”
“…You do, it’s in your closet waiting to be put up.”
“Oh, well, I meant something easier. I just want to sit, not undertake a major installation!”
“You don’t know if it’s major or not, you haven’t even opened the box!”
“Fine, I’ll open the box.”
“THANK you, finally!”
“Uhhh, this actually looks pretty easy to put up.”
“I told you so!”
“No you didn’t.”
“Yes I did!”

…this went on for a while.

So Mark & I went to Rural King to pick up the few things we needed to install my swing. This involved heated discussions on the benefits of using rope vs. metal chain, as well as the best way to fasten the rope/chain to the desired branch. Mark won the first argument (we went with chain as rope could potentially rot and we don’t know any knots for tying it to the branch), and I won the second (securing the chain by just tossing it over instead of screwing a loop thingy into the branch- it’s much simpler my way). A little name-calling, a little compromise, and we both left the store happy=) Isn’t marriage a picnic? Baha.

I wish I could say that installation was easy as it was SUPPOSED to be easy, but we underestimated the height of the branch. I’m incredibly bad at eyeballing distances and our ladder was laughably inadequate. I would have gotten several hilarious pictures of my husband grasping at branches while trying not to lose his balance on the top step of the ladder (where the posted warning firmly directs you to NEVER stand)- had I not been frantically clutching his ankles and mentally reviewing the first aid protocol for falls. Move the accident victim? Don’t move him? Get water, ice, apply pressure, check for concussion? Thank god I didn’t have to utilize my pathetic nursing skills, as I probably would have hastened him on his way to greater injury.

Yes, the project was every bit as dramatic as I just outlined. And the end result- spectacular!

Love. This. Picture.

We Mark fastened the chain over the branch using a metal thingy- can you tell I’m not well-versed in my metal bits? Ugh. You get the idea!

It’s fastened down here with another metal thingy. Very nice & sturdy! We can also easily remove the metal piece so that the swing comes off to be stored inside during the winter.

I bought the cushion a while ago from Walmart for $5. It’s microfiber stuffed with polyester and not exactly weather-proof, but dries quickly enough after rain. The edge of the hammock bites into the back of my legs if I don’t have any padding, so it’s a perfect & completely necessary addition to the hammock chair.

Spinning… (front yard)

I love the view from my new hammock chair! It really feels like summer now that I can bring my book out to the chair and lazily creak around. There’s something uplifting & meditative about swinging, it immediately puts me in a good mood.

Hammock Chair Breakdown:

  • $17- hammock chair from Amazon (free super-saver shipping)
  • $5- microfiber cushion from Walmart
  • $7.2- 8 feet of chain at $0.90/foot)
  • $3- 2 metal thingies, $1.50/per

Total: $32.20– worth every penny!



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